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  1. I'm trying to make a drag'n'drop work from a TreePanel (to a TreeGrid). It works nice except that the nodes being dragged from the source are removed. And I would like it to stay.
    I'm assuming there...
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    We have same problem here.

    Example in sencha documentation doesn't work for us:/
    for example the most basic use of classes Application see the API doc provokes an error length.

    so 1.
  3. Hello everyone,
    I have seen the amazing dataview animation in the example of extjs 4,
    Now I want to implement it in...
  4. I have this problem with regStore too, soeme1 knows the solution?
  5. When I try to make a MVC app with extjs4, I succeeded to decoupling the model view controller, but this kind of error always exist
    Uncaught Error: [Ext.Loader] The following classes are not...
  6. Thx for your reply but it seems that the override doesn't work, it doesn't go into the override function.
  7. Hello,

    Because I used a servelet to map all the js file to htm file so when I want use Ext.loader.setpath() and a require method after, it will include just the .js file but not the .htm file.
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