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    aight, found a solution to my problem

    in FF, the htmleditor still knows its value, but its document window reference is bad, so you have to hook the iframe load event, fix the doc reference and...
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    i'm having a mostly similar but partially different issue

    i've been able to figure out that if an IFRAME is ever removed from the DOM tree and then reattached, then browsers want to reload the...
  3. did you ever find this? i'm looking for the same thing
  4. [QUOTE=zaunaf;87951]Firstly thanks to Saki & Silver for the great widget (and of course Jack and team for the awesome framework) !!

    I thought i'd like to show my gratitude by sharing a short...
  5. added an option to prevent duplicate entries, fixed a bug that was causing the very first entry to have an extra space character at the front, added the widget to the ext namespace, added line ending...
  6. pretty slick
  7. i had a similar issue with the placement of editor widgets within grids, for me it turned out to be the doctype (the only css file included, is the ext css file)

    i was using an html-strict...
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