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  1. 6.0.1 GPL is now available:
  2. Corrected in 6.0.1.
  3. Two separate issues demonstrable in the same fiddle:

    Bug 1:

    Open in Firefox, scroll the grid down to the bottom. The grid will be blank.
    Tested in...
  4. Consider this scenario: container A contains container B. Both have scrollable: 'y'.

    In desktop browsers, if we place the cursor over B and scroll down using the mouse wheel, once we have reached...
  5. Wondering what sort of component you are using for those timeline bars? Is it something derived from the Charts package or completely custom built from scratch?
    I now see the bars are in fact...
  6. You've got too many questions, worthlutz.
    See this thread. Nowadays Sencha is very reluctant about releasing GPL versions or giving answers on them.
  7. See fiddle:
    Scroll down, click the button, see the container scrolls to top.
    Note that if maxHeight: 300 is replaced with height: 300 then it works fine.
  8. The microloader code (found in the production index.html file) contains the sentence "This asset will be uncached for future loading" repeated 4(!) times. Moreover, it contains a whole lot of code...
  9. Is your startup a piece of software that developers would use to create other software? Or is it an end-user thing? In the latter case I do not see what difficulties GPL can impose given that it...
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    Why won't you stay with Ext JS 3 then? :D

    There's no need to use MVC/MVVM (although it is recommended). The examples attempt to demonstrate the cutting edge approaches/patterns but they do not...
  11. Can you tell more details about that step please?

    I'll try to repeat your steps, however, I do not quite understand why git is relevant. The doc page says nothing about git, which is why I thought...
  12. I certainly will — once I see Sencha CMD making an HTTP request to the remote location I specified for my repo as cited in this post.
    Otherwise, what is the point in setting up remote repo layout if...
  13. There is no problem setting up remote repo according to whatever format is required. It's just the fact that Sencha CMD does not try to access it when I issue the sencha package list drakees command....
  14. Well the first question here is how is Sencha CMD going to read the list of packages from the custom repo URL? The documentation says nothing on it but this:

    What I did is simply upload my...
  15. No that's the name of the repo only. I am trying to get Sencha CMD to read the repo from the URL specified in the first step in my previous post, but it won't even try. I thought that by seeing what...
  16. I'm just embarking on this too, following what is written at the bottom of this doc page:
    Tell Sencha CMD about yet another remote repo:

    sencha package repo add drakees...
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    The license wording in Ext JS 6.0.0 GPL contains:

    There are several FLOSS exceptions available for use with this release for
    open source applications that are distributed under a license other...
  18. They are :D. I noted that my posts on GPL/Sencha policy typically receive similar amount of both up and down votes. Pluralism, sir!

    Well, in that case I would probably see if we can fork the...
  19. Well, not "for free" to be precise. You may have noted that there is only one "Ext 6: Bugs" forum here — for both commercial and GPL versions. GPL users report bugs and suggest solutions there. The...
  20. Absolutely.
    See how GPL was presented on 3 years ago:

    Nowadays the avidity is obviously pointed to the opposite direction. The GPL page is full of "drawbacks" and "scary" things about...
  21. Consider this example running on a touch device:
    xtype: 'container',
    plugins: [
    layout: 'fit',
    items: {
    xtype: 'button',
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    Certainly there is room for improvement. If say you build an Ext JS 6 app having nothing but this in the source app.js:
    Ext.define('Foo', {
    extend: ''
    you'll get a 1 MB...
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    Sounds convincing in theory only. In practice you now have: with a lot of various third party stuff — 436 KB JS + 472 KB CSS;
    api doc — 837 KB JS + 36 KB CSS, which could be much...
  24. There is nothing much to intergrate, really.

    Frontend and backend communicate with each other using standard HTTP protocol. All you need is to make both ends aware of request/response formatting,...
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    What is the difference and where is the boundary between a web application and a website?

    The necessity for a website to reload itself on every click has vanished many years ago (when...
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