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    I am using the SDK package which has sencha-touch.js , sencha-touch-all.js
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    I am using the app builder(terminal) for creating the app package along with SDK. But now when I load the app on my phone, it takes about 60 seconds to load the app. How can I compress the...
  3. Can I override the method and do it??
  4. That works!! Thanks much:)
  5. Hi,
    Is there a way I can get mask for phone number 999-999-9999??? If there is an external plugin or override function for the textfield. I am using Ext.form.textfield...

    Thanks in advance!!
  6. Hi,
    How do I change the text of "DonE" button of the selectfield Sencha touch 2?

    Thanks much!
  7. So, Is there a work around for this?? I mean by clicking tab I can move through form items tabIndex??
  8. Hi,
    I have an MVC app with card layout form. I am trying to use keyboard "tab" to tab through all items. I notice that I can tab through textfield, but selectfields gets skipped using tab... I am...
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