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    It is nice to hear I am not alone with using trees for more than few hundreds of rows :)). We've prepared tree paging toolbar for that case. You can look on this here:...
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    What version of ExtJS do you use? It has been tested with 4.0.6 and 4.0.7 only.
    And have you done all store (abstract and tree) classes overwrite?

    Data format is as for TreeStore, nothing...
  3. How is that classified?
  4. How is that classified?
  5. Ah, ok then. That was kind of misunderstanding and we are really talking about the same :).

    I agree the Update/Create/Destroy (U/C/D) operations on records in store should be able to fire...
  6. @Ruslan

    First of all, your post from second paragraph to end is to Mitchell I guess? Because it looks we're thinking about the same...

    I am not sure if it has to be blocked but it has to...
  7. Well, imagine this situation (is real in my case):
    You have button on toolbar for example called "save" and set store to autosync (with another toggle button for example as option for user or...
  8. You can try to define "index" field in your model (as persistent) and then any change on this field will mark record as dirty and will be considered by sync(). NodeInterface has plenty of those...
  9. I agree, this is the issue.

    Ruslan's proposition push us in the right direction but it could be much better to use existing STORE.loading internal flag to do not allow any "loading" actions...
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    Yeap, this is definitely related to zombeerose's thread
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    Hi all.

    If anybody is interested I've prepared the TreePaging toolbar.

    It can be used similar to grid Paging toolbar (I've based on its code and simply copied about 80% of code).

    The only...

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0 rev 1
    Ext 4.0 rev 2a
    Ext 4.0 rev 6
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    This WON'T help.
    Argument of removeAll just says if node.destroy(true) or node.clear() should be called. Problem is with event "remove" called ALWAYS, which is listened in Tree and TreeStore. In...
  14. OK, so let's start again.

    I mentioned roweditor because this weird behaviour is when you edit the field. Probably the same case is when you use celleditor or do some other editing as well. I do...

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0 rev 1
    Ext 4.0 rev 2a
    Ext 4.0 rev 6
  16. We have the same problem.
    We had to change the store... classes definition to handle this. See attachement to find solution/workaround for that.

    1. Removing child nodes from currently reloaded...
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