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  1. I am trying out JsUnit for ExtJS?

    anybody experienced with it? or any other recommended framework you know?
  2. user who is uploading JSON, need to validate it. there must be some mutual understanding on format and validation.

    if its not valid, while parsing in ExtJS, it will break.

    to check valid JSON -...
  3. You can use struts

    url: "",
    success: function(data){
    // handler
    failure: function(){
    // handler
  4. use ScriptTagProxy
  5. how to create properties file with ExtJS, like .properties in java?
    I mean any alternative way? example?

    for example
    I need to keep following text in some JSP file

    _properties = {...
  6. How to pass ExtJS Class object ref to click event?

    lets say I have a 'MyFormClass' in which I have a 'Save' button.

    on click on button, I want to pass 'MyFormClass' class's object ref.

  7. I am searching for any good tutorial for Ext.Layer, or some examples?
  8. thanks, it solved my problem.
  9. why createChild, insertFirst method doesn't work with <select> tag in IE?

    I have

    Ext.get('my-select-combo').createChild({tag:'option',value:'value1', html:'value1'});

    'createChild' gives...
  10. JSON Object coming from web service:


    Store which loading this JSON:

    var myStore = new{
    proxy: new{
  11. Thanks, it helped!
  12. Hi, any clue how can I use CheckboxSelectionModel with this?
  13. Thanks! it was useful.

    I tried example with SubTableRowExpander. However, any idea how can I use CheckboxSelectionModel with SubTableRowExpander?
  14. how can I do something like this?

    var expander = new Ext.grid.RowExpander({
    tpl : new Ext.grid.GridPanel({
  15. I my work, I have used grid with scrolling pagination and dynamically resizing grid size on window resize by calculating view area.

    While resizing the browser screen I am getting this exception in...
  16. Thanks!, did that, however it didn't work.

    just found that
    Ext.getCmp('viewportid').syncSize() works. but it doesn't release the height space for 'south' panel the until I resize browser window....
  17. Hi, I am playing with border layout. I have two buttons in 'center' panel. on click on 1st button I am hiding [hide()] 'south' panel. and on click on 2nd button I am showing [show()] 'south' panel.
  18. I want to modify this grid grouping -

    For the group titles I need checkbox. any reference or example?

  19. Thanks! however, It didn't work. 'mydate' is in scope and console.log(mydate) displays date.

    Here's what I am trying to do.

    I am storing selected date in global variable 'mydate' from...
  20. A string date value is stored in global variable.
    lets say..

    var mydate = '4-Apr-2010';

    I want to apply this value to DateField.

    var dt = new Date(mydate.replace(/-/g,"/"));
  21. small change and it works well, thanks Condor

    var colIndex = grid.getColumnModel().getIndexById('checker');
    var headerCell = grid.getView().getHeaderCell(colIndex);
    var headerCB =...
  22. I can find the state using'div.x-grid3-hd-checker-on')

    however, is there any other way?
  23. For CheckboxSelectionModel -

    How should I find if header checkbox is selected or not? I want the state for it.
  24. try this


    setRawValue() sets the underlying DOM field's value directly, bypassing validation.
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