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  1. I was fascinated to learn that there is an HTMLElement implementation. It does indeed work, but has anyone figured out how to perform the scroll only if necessary?
  2. Thanks! That was exactly what I needed. There was some other thread where a user suggested setHeight(getHeight) but that didn't work on iE. This does.
  3. I was able to solve this problem by adding the following CSS overrides.

    .x-grid3-row-collapsed .x-grid3-row-body {display:none!important; }
    .x-grid3-row-expanded .x-grid3-row-body ...
  4. I'm seeing the same problem. Does anyone have a solution for this?
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    Hi Jeff,

    Thank you so much for that port. When I tried it on Safari, though, it didn't render anything. I found the problem: In Ext.ux.UFO.js, the variable embedConfig doesn't exist. Change it...
  6. I'm experiencing this too—if my grid has a hidden column, the bug occurs. I was lucky I didn't actually ever make that column visible so I just took it out.
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    Nice! I see this in Ext 2.0 and it works like a charm for the combo boxes as is.

    Note for all: to make this fix active for Windows in which you embed a panel that has a scroller, be sure to set...
  8. I did indeed update SelectGroupBox for Ext 2.0. The new code is posted here.
  9. I also want to thank the Condor, I needed this bad! So Thank You!
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    Our QA department really wants this fixed too, and I tried Animals excellent suggestion of disabling the elements, but I found that for anchor tags at least, even though its "disabled" is true,...
  11. After looking at the Ext code (1.0.1a) which applies the mask, I happened upon a simple solution. In your form defintion, make the following change:

    Was: waitMsgTarget: 'box-bd',
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    Green, Thanks alot for the hidden input field code!

    Xouqoa, thanks for the alternative, good to know about.
  13. I can confirm the bug, we see it too, using same version. It produces a runtime error which IE reports in a dialog. I don't have location of the error handy, as I work on a Mac most of the time. ...
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    I have a solution I'd like to share.

    I've been struggling with the same issue the original poster had: setTitle only worked once. I have a LayoutDialog which contains a GridPanel, the contents...
  15. =D>

    Thank you so much for posting your code, i found it really useful.
  16. Sorry about that, I posted this in two different threads. Here's the thread link:
  17. This code is marriage of GroupComboBox and SelectBox, both third party contributions to this forum. I started with SelectBox, which is a very clean extension to Ext.form.ComboBox to make it behave...
  18. Excellent code, thank you so much for writing and posting it. One problem: when the user clicks once to open and then clicks again to select (as oppposed to just clicking once and releasing on the...
  19. P.S. In case anyone needs to know, the fault was a style of "text-align:center", which had been set on the "body" element of the document through our global style sheet.
  20. Please disregard, I've finally determined that it had nothing to do with EXT, it was our own style sheet that was causing this.
  21. I have a ComboBox inside a grid. When I click the cell, it renders itself with a horizontal scrollbar (in FireFox) as shown in the picture below. After spending two full days trying to fix this, I...
  22. Dear Robert,

    Thank you so much for posting you solution, which worked when the others didn't. I've been working on this bug for so long it started to become, as my colleague said, 'my...
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