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  1. Hi there, creators of ExtJS.
    I've got a strange error. Today, is the 31 of March.
    And if i'll try to parse such a date:

    Date.parseDate('2-08', 'n-y')

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    That's great extension.
    But i got one trouble with it.
    When i create several monthFields, they all show the same menu.
    field.getValue() gives me different values, but menu is the same.
    It should...
  3. Ok, I see.
    For now I think it will be easier to use checkBoxes and a small onClick code that will take control over the one row and chek if only one checkBox is "true" and other are "false"....
  4. Hi there. Havin' nice time with Ext for a month. With help of API Docs and this forum, everything went OK, before i decided to make an Editable Grid with Radio fields.

    All i need, is the grid,...
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