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  1. But this worked in 4.2 as expected. Just run the provided fiddle using version 4.2.
  2. When using labelAling:'top' in a form layout the label is still aligned on the left.
    See this fiddle:

  3. I just realized this issue is happening on a Windows 8.1 Virtual Machine, using VMware Player.

    On a Windows 8 running on a physical machine it works fine.
  4. I can confirm that this is happening on Chrome and IE 11 on Windows 8 only. On FF works fine.
    Please test this fiddle on Windows 8 and you will see it for yourself....
  5. Any idea when 5.0.2 will be released? Will this bug be fixed in 5.0.2? Or should I open a support ticket to expedite this fix?


  6. Please look at the following fiddle and try to collapse 'Panel 1'. The header does not render properly and it looks like the .x-panel-header-default-vertical class that would add the padding is...
  7. I have a scenario where I need to make ContentPanel resizable and draggable. As for dragging, it works fine as I can set Container to the Draggable object, but Resizable class does not support this....
  8. I'm curios how did you applied the MVC pattern to your desktop. Thanks!

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    I see they have it in roadmap for version 2.2.

  10. There is a bug in TimeField class in case selected time is 23:55. The findModel method is not able to find the Time object associated with this time. Please take a look at my test case.
  11. Hi,

    just run my sample code using SLATE theme.

  12. I created test case where a Window contains scrollable Grid. After I hide the Window and show it again the Grid doesn't have a scrollbar anymore. I have to manually resize the Window to see the...
  13. Hi GXT Team,

    This is a similar issue with a problem that has been posted before and I guess you don't have a generic solution for fixing it. This time if I create MultiField and add it to a...
  14. Please, can anyone tell us what is the right way to fix this. I don't want to change font for my inputs just because they don't render well in IE7. This is definitely a bug.
    Thanks, Daniel
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    Thanks for the quick reply! :)
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    This used to work fine in 1.2.4.

    Since 2.0 repositioning a Component in a Container with AbosluteLayout doesn't work anymore in all the cases. Take a look at my test code. If I'd remove the...
  17. I'm am facing the same issue. In FF3.0 and IE8 it looks fine but in IE7 is not. I'm using GXT 2.0.
  18. Please, can anyone from Ext GWT team answer this?

  19. Hi all,

    I can't find a consistent way to listen for Collapse/Expand events in BorderLayout.
    BorderLayout class doesn't seem to expose such functionality.
    Even if I try to use...
  20. OK. Thanks for your suggestion.

  21. I have a FieldSet which by default is collapsed. The field set uses FormLayout to render multiple MultiFields which may have checkboxes, textfields and comboboxes.
    When the FieldSet is expanded the...
  22. It's revision 1528.

  23. I have problems using Grid.reconfigure() to update dynamically columns and data of my grids. After I call reconfigure() the data rows shows up properly but the header columns not.
    Here is a...
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    can someone explain why WindowManager.hideAll() was removed and how to achieve same behavior with current implementation?

    Thank you,

  25. This was FAAAST!!! :D

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