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    Code or Architect (thx to Wedgybo post)

    // this is how I put into my project
    if you want it to do it on architect just follow this steps
  2. ok first i solved the problem using SA 2.1 and library extjs 4.1,
    the code change a bit since my necessities change as well, in the previous post above y use checkbox and now toggle buttons, in the...
  3. Ext.define('RC.view.override.panelCheck', {
    requires: 'RC.view.panelCheck'
    }, function() {
    Ext.override(RC.view.panelCheck, {
    // ini overwrite

    height: 250,
  4. hi, i dont know is this may help you but ill try anyway
    PD: it might not be the best approach but it kinda works.

    in the button function

    onButtonClick: ....
    store = ...
  5. hey ssamayoa hi, appreciate your help but no luck, is there any way to generate the radio or checkbox from store easily? or with the same code? i mean putting the rest on it so others can benefit...
  6. Hi check this post returns the object but i cant printed yet but is an idea for you, if anyone can help to finish this it i'll be appreciated,
  7. Hi, the code is working, i must say i don't know if is the best approach but for me kinda does the job,

    the situation: inside ' store.load(function(){})' i have the checkboes variable working i...
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  9. Hi,

    onLoginTap: function(){
    , { type: 'slide', direction: 'left' });

  10. ok thats what im looking for cuz all the examples are in the same app.js and i work with store.js, model.js, view.js, this is pretty much what im looking for so can anyone help me to implemented on...
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