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  1. Jasper's a good product. I've used it with ExtJS before, but on a Java stack. As far as I know you will need to do some manual work to hook up your parameter fields and render the report but it...
  2. I'd define a CSS class and apply it to the panel using the cls config property. See the answer to for an example. The css class with the actual...
  3. You can't provide a percentage as a string like that. It needs to be a number of pixels. However, since you're using a vbox layout, you can replace those heights with flex: 3 and flex: 1 (for 75%...
  4. You don't want to change the drag movement, do you? Could you just let the slider be linear but convert the output to logarithmic scale? Like this?
  5. Have you tried a print stylesheet with !important rules, maybe width: auto on certain elements? The last time I tried this, that's the route I ended up going.
  6. edspencer's patch worked for me, but note you also need another method on

    getAssociatedDataRoot: function(data, associationName) {
    return data[associationName];

  7. I'm working on this server with Fredric and I fixed this problem. In case anyone else gets this, the problem was that I installed an outdated version of Compass (0.8.17) from chriseppstein-compass...
  8. Sounds like a bug, have you reported it to the Webkit people?

    Is your problem just with Google Maps? If image loading in general is the problem, I've seen it suggested that using background-image...
  9. The CSS is pretty simple unless you need scrolling, in which case you'll need to override some behavior.

    ul.x-tab-strip li,
    ul.x-tab-strip li.x-tab-edge
    float: right;
  10. Have you tried explicitly emptying the cache (CTRL+SHIFT+DEL)?
  11. IE9 beta doesn't have the DOM Range method createContextualFragment.

    Here's the patch I'm using to fix this at the moment:

    if ((typeof Range !== "undefined") &&...
  12. This looks great!
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