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  1. Thanks for the response, I actually used Sencha Architect to construct this app. I left out the columns because there are approx 60 of them.The plugin worked fine before I added two additional tabs...
  2. I have a tabbed panel with a data grid. I have a cell editing plugin and an event listener for before edit event. When I double click a cell this event is not firing. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Found the issue, I had converted a panel to a tabbed panel and when adding a new row an event listener referenced this.getView where for some reason this was scoped to the viewport. Once I changed it...
  4. I am using version 4.2, I really appreciate your help on this btw.
  5. How do you post code on the forum in a format that suits the eyes?
  6. Sorry about that, this is my first time basically posting my code on this forum, again my Apologies. I have a data grid, a model and store with a button that when clicked adds a record to the store....
  7. Here is the tabbed panel code, there is a add record button that when clicked causes the error:Ext.define('app.view.PanelBomTabPanel', { extend: '', height: 742, width: 1090, ...
  8. Yes but why the error message?
  9. I am getting an error when trying to add a record to a panel grid store. The error "Object doesn't support property or method 'getView' "

    The function that adds the record to the store :
  10. You are passing a parametr named "id" who's value = 21.

    Is your api able to do something with this id value?
    Without seeing your api code it's hard to tell.

    You can also try setting appendid =...
  11. The loaded store (which I have listed above ) does not contain any blank rows.
    I had purchased architect 2 and that is what I am using to view the store contents by clicking on the Icon after a...
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    After I removed the reader, the callback function executed and book was defined....Thanks.
  13. But here is one way (I'm using restful web service). Instead of customer id I am using customer order number:
    Get the customer id via "var custOrderNo = combo.value"

    You can read that value based...
  14. I have a grid that renders blank rows after every row with data. Every other row is blank. I have checked and double checked the model, store proxy xml reader, reader root and record all look ok The...
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    I have a question in regards to model.Load().
    The callback : function (record, operation){
    //do somethinghere

    One of the parameters passed is operation, I get that, the second parameter is the...
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    I have a question in regards to model.Load(). In all the examples I have seen there is always a callback function or success function that passes a parameter my question is this parameter is never...
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    Not that it matters since this post is so old but you were submitting time not date and time is a number since midnight I believe.
  18. Thanks, Makes sense now, appreciate your help.
  19. Just Purchased Architect and am creating my first restful form app. I was successful in create a form with a data grid and proved that the crud functionality works as advertised ( I love Architect!)...
  20. I found the answer to my own question. Being the code editing features of Architect are limited and the fact I am new to Ext, I found that by assigning the instance of the store to a variable using...
  21. I have a restful app that I am trying to add a button to a toolbar on a tab panel where the grid resides. The grid populates with data so now I want to add a button who's action would be add a blank...
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