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  1. not for ExtJS4 :-?!/api/
  2. You can add a listener in the init method of your controller:

    init: function(application) {
    this.addManagedListener(application, 'i18nChange', me.onI18nChange, me);
  3. I assume that the reason for your error is that your selector is not correct. Please find below an example for a window and a controller with a modified selector for the window.


  4. The getter method will be created automatically if you will assign refs on your controller.
  5. Try to assign your window as a ref to your controller:


    refs: [{
    ref: 'myWindow'
    ,selector: 'myWindow'
  6. {
    "success" : true,
    "total" : 3,
    "category" : [
    "id": 1,
    "name": "Category 1",
    "description": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,...
  7. If you want to load additional JavaScript files on demand then you should try to use getScript from jQuery library. I am using this to ensure that page loads fast and without all ExtJS and additional...
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    I had the same problem in the past and I solved this without TreeFilter:

    _tbarFldFilterKeyDownHandler: function(field)
    var text = field.getValue();
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    With regards that the expand callback function is called without waiting for deep expand completion I would use following checkChange function:

    checkChange:function(node, checked)
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    To be honest, after some intensive months with Flex I am back at ExtJS, because I really love this famous set of both standard and ux components. As I met ExtJS for first time and as I learned to use...
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    1. Add Record to Store

    this.RecordUser =[
    {name: 'firstname'},
    {name: 'lastname'}

    var record = new this.RecordUser();
    record.set('firstname', 'foo');
  12. No, I did not changed anything and the problem which you can see on the screenshots above is still existing. But I have seen that this does not occur everytime if I use the online playground. If I...
  13. Congratulation to this very nice plugin :D

    I played a little bit with your plugin and with fusion charts. My idea is to use your plugin with fusion charts on a dash board. Unfortunatelly I...
  14. it is temporary offline because of a server replacement and missing time to setup the whole playground again. Latest on August I will start to setup the playground complete.

  15. Try this:


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    // css
    .icon-edit {
    background-image: url(/site.img/icon-edit.png);

    // javascript
  17. If I use this logic then my spaces inside the field values will be replaced by '+'.

    f1 = 'foo bar'
    f1 = 'foo+bar'

    Any further suggestions are welcome :-?
  18. This little demo just get JSON data from the server. Means that we are using the same HTML/CSS/JS source on both servers. The difference between my private playground and the AS400 server is that my...
  19. Unfortunatelly I can not explain in detail how the AS400 part is done, because I am not familiar enough with it. But as far as I understand there is is a web server running on the AS400 which does...
  20. Ok my idea which I posted above was wrong. Sorry for any inconvenience, but if you want to solve this issue I would suggest to establish an inherited class which ensures inside the constructor that...
  21. I am not sure if I did understand you correct, but may this is helpfull for you:

    new Ext.FormPanel ({
    title:"Form 1",
    defaults:{width: 200},
  22. @ReyBango
    Sorry, seemed that I have read over that.

    For the flash charts I used Flash Charts. The server delivers the complete XML via simple Ajax. Normally the flash component supports direct...
  23. You are correct with your assumption. Just create a simple php prog which outputs the json formats which are expected by the different components. Simplest way would be to use Firebug therefore. It...
  24. You must set DATA.SERVER correct
  25. Hi Andreas,

    it is very hard to point out the reason for this error messages. I never seen such error messages before on my servers. Are you sure that you have all your needed files and that you...
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