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  1. It seems your question has nothing to do with ExtJS, right?
    I propose you learn and if still necessary ask questions here:
  2. It used to work fine to concatenate sencha-touch.js, the contents of Ext.Loader.history plus my app.js
    Now in ST 2 GA this fails. The packaged single file JS app tried to dynamically load a bunch of...
  3. On the button to download the SDK tools gives a 404.
  4. prefixes no longer work :-(
    Only is functional.
  5. This used to work in the beta version:

    Ext.define('app.override.Format', {
    override: 'Ext.util.Format',

    empty: function (value) {
    if(value === false) {
    return '';...
  6. You can close a browser tab in _any_ browser by middle mouse click.

    Please support that for the doc tabs, too!

    (Yes, there are still a lot of developers using those systems that come with three...
  7. Ah, sorry I did not notice they are hidden by default.
    But yes, that's only part of the story. They shouldn't be included in the search results either, unless I explicitly ask for them.
    Or at least...
  8. A _global_ option to hide deprecated stuff would be great!
    When I start a new app I just _never_ want to see any deprecated features or old class names.
  9. Maybe it is just me who falls into every pitfall imaginable, but developing with ST2 feels like driving on a fast highway with road blocks every couple of miles.
    While developing I make fast...
  10. The problem is gone when I generate the output somewhere else completely:
    c:\progs\jsduck-3.3.1 web/client --output c:\tmp\docs

    When I just cd to "web", then do
    c:\progs\jsduck-3.3.1 client...
  11. I think the best way is to set up your build process, so that for production builds
    * all JS is merged, minified and stored in a single file with a unique suffix (like md5 hash)
    * all CSS is...
  12. Nice tool. markdown makes reading docs in source form much nicer, though it has some strange decisions like _trailing_ whitespaces having an effect on rendering.

    Anyway, when I use the windows exe...
  13. I don't really care about the pre-built no-compat files, because I want to use my app's Ext.Loader.history.
    What I'd like to know is, what exactly is stripped out - then I could do something similar...
  14. The SD tools are currently Mac-only, but I have only Windows machines available.
    So to build my app I just concatenate all JS files and run them through YUI compressor.
    In an effort to save space I...
  15. Should still work, I think.
    Are you sure, that you used the "storeId" config in your store (rather than just "id")?
  16. Still, if there is only ever a single instance of a component, the definition is a better place for the id I think.
    For example if I designed a custom modal warning window, it may come with specific...
  17. Thanks a lot - that answer helped me, too.

    However I think there should really be a public and documented way to do this.
    Especially on mobile devices where it is important to keep the DOM...
  18. Wow, that was quick. Thanks!

    Is there any debugging trick I could learn?
    I have been trying to find the cause myself, but was completely at a loss: There was no context info in the mobile...
  19. Thanks for being so receptive to bug reports!

    In the mean time I have found the cause of the other JS errors I had. This TypeError seems to be harmless: The rest of my app is now running fine.
  20. Replies
    When I closed the dialog and restarted Designer was in fact updated.
    I just installed Designer a couple of days earlier and so hadn't applied any updates.
  21. This JS error has been driving me nuts in the app I am trying to write.
    For testing I stripped down the code to the minimum runnable example, but still the same JS Error "TypeError: 'undefined' is...
  22. Yeah, that's strange to have an event to tell about value changes, but no way to get the current value.

    You could call
    which returns "portrait" or "landscape"...
  23. Not tried it myself, but came across it when reading through the Controllers guide in the docs:
    If you are using routes (makes a lot of sense imho), then you can use "Before Filters" to load...
  24. Nice!
    How about PR4?
  25. On my Galaxy S2 I get a login screen when I open that URL.

    Which android version are you using?
    ST 2 does not work on android 4 yet: ...
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