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  1. Hello,

    From the look & feel perspective i need to merge some rows in a grid column, is it possible? if yes then could you please provide any sample or link.

  2. I am using editable grid panel, i wanted to copy some column data from excel sheet and past in the grid column.
    any help / suggestions??

  3. Hi,
    I have one requirement regarding to image Mapping. I would like to know about the image Mapping feature availability in extjs4?
    Our Requirement- We have one image, which has to be divided into...
  4. Close event will be trigger immediately after closing the window but i wanted to close the after selecting an option in msg box.
  5. Yes i agree with you, but is there any way to stop closing the window ? or any other solution to achieve this.
  6. I am opening a Ext.window and before closing the window i need to display a confirmation message but it is closed immediately on click of close button.
    beforeclose : function(){...
  7. not working :(
  8. I am using display field and passing "border: '0 1 1 1'," but it is still showing top border. Is there any alternate to fix this issue?

  9. We are following MVC pattern for our application and jumping to other controller by 'this.application.runAction('Controllername', 'Index') '. is there any way to pass tha data between these two...
  10. We are developing our application in ExtJS4 but web page is not rendering proper if i enable compatibility mode.
  11. I am also facing similar issue.
  12. + getRelativePathForPopUp(
    '') + '?vins=' + selected + '&source=vehiclecompare' + '&Count=' + count, '',...
  13. I am using to open a new window, if i am closing child window before loading completely then parent window is reloaded automatically, it is happening in IE9 only, is there any way to...
  14. 37426
  15. I am using combo box but forceSelection : true is not working for me. User can enter any value apart from list.
    Combo box configuration
  16. I am using grid panel for displaying the data, on click of the column header records are sorted and column header is showing an icon, if i am moving from this page to other page and coming back to...
  17. Still it is not working, i have two checkboxes in my grid.

    my code is here:

    xtype : 'gridpanel',

    store :
  18. I am using 'Ext.ux.CheckColumn' component in our Grid. Is there any way to check this column programmatically after loading the data.
  19. But there is no '
    onPaste' event , could you please provide any sample code???
  20. I wanted to stop only paste, still edit should allow manually.
  21. Hello,

    How to stop copy paste in 'Ext.form.field.Text'.

  22. In MVC application where we need to write common util methods which can be accessed by controllers and views?

  23. This is my window, but minimize is not working here, if i am doing any thing wrong here then please let me know.
  24. Simply i wanted to minimize the Window on click of minimize button. Could you provide any sample code?
  25. I have read this already, could you provide any sample code for minimizing the window.
    Tried this code but not working on click of minimize button because 'minimize' event occurs after window has...
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