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  1. I have already made a field for it in the model

    config: {
    fields: [
    {name: 'location', type: 'string'},
    {name: 'value', type: 'string'},
  2. I have the following errors when trying to use the tool

    GET http://localhost/bullionvault/app/event/Dispatcher.js?_dc=1335540762631 404 (Not Found)

  3. How can i do that with an android phone ? I am a little new to debugging with android past the pc stage. I do have an emulator when it decides to run but I'm trying to use actual phones.

    What are...
  4. in my app.jsb3 file used to make my single js file in production
    "path": "app/res/
    "name": "*"

    that used to work to include the whole folder now it doesn't - is there a way to do this...
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    The command line now provides with a package method - but I didnt get there yet - I still have errors at the production stage - only solved by using

    <script type="text/javascript"...
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    Not initially to develop your app no. This is needed later to make a mobile friendly js file. Otherwise sencha loads classes seperately which is a problem in a real world environment with too many...
  7. Unless we test the user agent server side and have a mySingleApWithMyLang.js for each locale then I am stuck with loading in the user language at runtime with ajax. This is not a massive ask I...
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    Please post your app.jsb3 file (I am new as well to this) I think the -d switch is used to specify where the new app-all.js goes I just use

    sencha build -p app.jsb3 -d .

    so it sits next to the...
  9. Hi
    Am I right in thinking that using sencha touch all is NOT a good solution as it increase the final file size as it includes ALL the classes and the whole point of the builder is to add only the...
  10. Can yoou be more specific are you suggesting that you copied the Ext classes into your deplyment ? Thanks I'm getting this error and no one seems to know why the build is leaving out these three...
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    Ok , what is in c:/sencha ? if it is the path to the command line tools (not SDK) then this is not the place to run it, you should be cd to your app root usually. The environment var sencha should...
  12. put it another way in a basic panel how can I show an icon class ? or a single icon visible as an image that can be scaled.B)
  13. I used notepad to resave the .js files containing the funny chars - needed a different one for Japanese but this worked for me.
  14. try just
    containerOne: '#fieldsetOne',

    ids should be unique really in the DOM - multiple events can occur in this case if not.

    I like to use named xtypes for ex

  15. Sounds like you are removing items using the farmework ?
  16. If I check that the browser can display my string 'Marchés' with funny frenchie characters by adding it in the body tag of the same index.html yet sencha shows character substitution.
    I will look...
  17. Also check that you are not explicitly setting a height for the list item. I had a lot of issues with lists using % in a tab panel - in this case I had to play with the width and height of the...
  18. I have a list that is a list of languages on the ap that the user can change setting a local storage var. That is working but I am having problems with the following

    for the list - making a...
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    Thanks for that so config is the proper place to find them.
  20. I should have specified that markets was indeed an icon we added ourselves in the scss as

    @include pictos-iconmask('market');

    it works as a tabbar icon so I know its there I just dont know how...
  21. I am unsure if I need to do this (upgrade). I have a good app running in devlopment with -all-debug lib ok and this was version 2.0.0gpl but before you upgraded the tools - so I think I dont have to...
  22. I slowed down and got a little less stupid. I had moved my directory of the new SDK.
  23. Yes I find it confusing too.
  24. So what is null the second time that was not null before when it worked and why..
  25. I get the same error with the beta 3 downloaded today and SDK also latest.

    I cd into the folder for the SDK (not the command tools the actual sencha libs etc) then run the sencha generate
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