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  1. This is Beautiful, I didn't know that. Thanks
  2. Thanks chamacs, I've already got a solution: Before calling the loadPage function on the go, I add a exception event on the Proxy.

    Proxy = Mystore.getProxy();
    Proxy.clearListeners(); ...
  3. I use that function to load pages from the web server, the thing is: sometimes the query is so big that request time gets out. And because I receive the answer from server only when it's ok, the...
  4. I have the same problem, I'm using a bar Chart. Tried Simmons' advice, and didn't work either
  5. Isn't this done yet? this is highly required
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    Nop, it does not fail. But when i am gonna build that message appears in console, and i don't know if i'm doing something wrong or it's the sencha compiler which is sending that warning for no reason
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    When i do the building i get this warning lines in the console

    [WRN] [ [1000] : Yui Compressor Warning <> Trailing comma is not legal in an ECMA-262 object initializer => ...
  8. I saw this example, but this define the grid columns in design time. I want to do it dynamically at run time.

    so i...
  9. How can I align the column header cell to center without aligning the data cells to center too. That is to say:

    I want one aligning in the header and different one in the data cells of the same...
  10. Good Morning

    I'm trying to load information dynamically from various service Json, 2 Json request and another through a defined store. Actually I already I have defined my store.

  11. Hello mitchellsimoens

    I think i found the bug. It's in the method setTitle, when you call it for assigning the title to the panel all of the sudden the toogle tool disappear. Please report it.
  12. First of all, happy new years and thanks for your help.

    I have one panel created on desing time and I add filters according to a data structure I recieved via JsonP. Well, I use a loop to add all...
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    I have an application that is a simple reports page. I'm using a Store with JsonP to fill my grid panel and for sending to the customized filters (since i don't want the ones which come with sencha...
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    I have the same case in my project, I want to develop an app and i've already designed two views at the same level (2 form.panel). In the first one there's a tab.panel which is divided into 5 tabs...
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