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  1. Hello,

    I am using the below version of sencha architect.


    When i am in a function, i am not able to find and locate text.
    It get highlighted though but the scroll bar doesn't move to...
  2. Hello

    I am also facing the same problem.
    what ever which is configured in "userAlias" property in architect 2.2 after upgrade to sencha 3.2 it stopped working.

    I have attached the error i am...
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    Right now, I am working with Ext 4.1.1 framework and SA 3.0.

    How easy will it be to port to Ext 6 and the latest version of SA and make my application compatible with it.?

    Will it affect the...
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    Thanks suzuki1100nz.
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    Can I Use Extjs 6 with Sencha Architect 3.2.?

    if no
    than which SA version will be there for EXT 6.

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    Can I use Extjs 6 with SA 3.2.?

    if no than which SA version will be there for EXT 6.

  7. In my application I am saving all the grid and its store properties like
    sorters, groupers, visible columns, column width, etc in an XML which I call as a Grid View.

    There are multiple Grid...
  8. May be you are getting error because of this bug. you move the...
  9. Hello,

    ExtJs : ext-

    I have a need where I have to display a grid in a picker. The grid need to be resizable.

    Scenarios in which the resizing is not working as expected.
  10. We have resolved the issue.

    We encountered some errors when we were trying to build Using Sencha Cmd and Java 32-bit and 64-bit.
    1. Java Heap Space
    2. GC Overhead
    3. Failed...
  11. Hello,

    I am using Sencha CMD to build my application.
    Till date, build was working fine.
    But now it is giving following error on running command: "sencha app build production".

  12. Hello All,
    I am using a Grid with grouping feature. Consider the following snapshot:
    Probelm is that , Grid-Group by default sorted group name in ascending order , in our case its like ...
  13. Hello,
    This is also my requirement. i do not want extjs files in my production build.

    How am i going to exclude ext js files .?

  14. Yes exactly, I am calling the abortAll() once when the loop index is 5 i.e. before sending Ajax request for the 6th time.

    It should block all the requsts sent before the 6th one (If you see the...
  15. Hi,
    I have tried a simple example to use Ext.Ajax.abortAll()

    I am sending asynchronous Ajax request in loop and aborting all before the 6th one

    LSwitch = false;
    GRequestCount = 0;
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    Hi Yannick,
    Did you find any solution to your problem while loading it for the first time?

  17. Hi,
    I am evaluating Sencha Architect while going through the examples and creating demos I found for a Tree Panel,
    When I expand a node the request is sent and data store is loaded for each expand....
  18. Hi,
    It worked...
  19. Yes, I had set the URL Prefix....
  20. Hi,
    I am evaluating Sencha Architect and while going through an example in the IDE I tried to load the JSON store.

    I am using IIS server for preview.

    According to the tutorial there should...
  21. Hi,
    I am working with EXT-JS charts.
    The chart I am creating has a floating Legend box.
    But autoscroll and auto size properties are not working.
    ( Refer screenshot )
    Please help me.

  22. Hello,
    I am working with EXT JS stacked column and need values related to the column clicked on itemmousedown listener.
    For example :32235

    If I click on the column with year, "2008" and Genre...
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