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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the reply.
    I understand that it is not optimised, I just want stuff to work simply. Is there any code around that does a simple key mapping for extended keys like arrows, etc like I...
  2. I have an app that will run on desktop and tablets. There is a mobile version too but it is not being coded yet.
    This part of the app is based on the view example in extjs.
    It shows nicely, but the...
  3. thanks slemmon, you solved it for me.
    I was continually looking for the store to give me the data. But once I recieved your reply i relize the approach is to go to the node... the code just fell...
  4. I have been trying still to work this out, surely sencha can write the tree data back to var object.... the memory proxy demos dont show anything.... please help guys.
  5. I have been able to load form local json text and from a proxy into a treeviewdragdrop to get a nice tree view.... all good.
    What I cannot do is access the data from he tree view...
  6. Thats the approach I have too, i seem to be going very slowly... but at least i am going forwards :-)

    Thanks again for all of your help, it is really appreciated...
  7. Thats an amazing example... simple to you but to me I would never have bought all those concepts together to create the result.
    I will mull over the sample and get my app going... thanks

    How did...
  8. That is exactly what I was after, thank you so very much.

    I am sending in an array of fields that are to be read only, I had tried using a complex type for each field with extra attributes like...
  9. I have been searching the archives for how best to disable editing of specific rows in a property grid.
    I have found old references and rewrites to achieve this but nothing that works for the 4.X...
  10. I found that convert does not have enough scope to do what I need.

    I implemented the code I want on the server (see below). It applies the properties I want on the fly. Whilst this works it is on...
  11. no i have not , I will search on that... thanks
  12. I have been loading TreeStore from a REST server, all works great if I construct the classes in the format the Tree requires on the Server.
    However I want the client to identify which nodes are leaf...
  13. I am about to embark on a test of this functionality to draw small graphs (this is not a chart like ext, a directed graph or flow chart representation).
    Are there any examples of this around, I...
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    Well I am glad you have clarified your position. Sorry for misinterpreting your comments.
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    A number of folks interpreted your comments that way. I can understand that they are your own comments, but when you have a role in the company such as yours it is easy to interpret this as a view...
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    I think this was part of the dismissive bit

    "Or you can write correct and productive JavaScript without the need of any compiler like coffeescript or typescript."

    If you read through the thread...
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    I am very dissapointed in the dismissive attitude from Sencha to, but not surprised, ExtJs is a great framework but the coding environment is one of the worst I have seen and Ive been in the game for...
  18. It works with that paramater, Thank you.

    I have found my biggest issue with ExtJs is that the library is hard to browse for functions and arguments, the lack of proper code completion and...
  19. No response as yet, I think this is a simple problem for those experienced in this area, please help.
    BTW I have tried a number of combinations but nothing works.
    Is it not possible to pass a...
  20. I am not sure what is going on here.
    It seems the object context is different, I don't know enough to be able to see why. I am used to C++ etc where the context is well defined... I don't know whats...
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