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  1. Hi,

    is there any number how much slower Ext.create() is?
    Looked at the ClassManager file and it normally should just lookup the class definition in an object and then with the "Instantiator"...
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    A short finding on performance "optimizations" in Ext4:

    Ext.element#hasCls() and Ext.element#toggleCls() uses browser native DOMClassList, because Ext.supports.ClassList is set to true on my...
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    I think LesJ is right. is a singleton, which calls init only if a gets registered. It is not needed to instantiate the singleton.

    Of course there could be some...
  4. Hi,

    the problem could be caused by several problems.

    First thing is, that I did not get it to work with IE6/IE7 (IE8 not tested).
    When I tried to get it to work with IE7, I started to refactor...
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    On the bug reporting topic: I do not try to report bugs anymore. Maybe with 4.1 and a clear point of what should be fixed and what not.

    4 weeks ago I escalated 4-6 bugs to abe elias and he wanted...
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    Would anyone mind to report this as a bug using the bug report template?
    I'm currently unable even to add a record into the store!??!

    if(Ext.ComponentQuery.query('gridpanel').length > 0)...
  7. Thanks for reporting.

    default user was deleted and if there is no user to map the ACL rules... you experienced the results :| Adding to bug list...

    Should work again (and I have to think of...
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    Nice extenstion! Looks very good.

    We cannot see the source, but from the example call you provided, the Image is directly configured. Would be nice, if you can configure "iconCls" and use CSS...
  9. There is the filter method. You can add the filter in the afterRender event of the gridPanel or maybe in the store load event.

    I use this in the grid panel

  10. I know I shouldn't do this, because for me it looks like really bad practice, but here you go. A first try. No support or any kind of "why do several other things not work anymore"!

    Version as an...
  11. Pardon me, this won't do it. Wrong interpretation of the docs.

    Hmm, no idea at the moment. Perhaps you write your own writer or play with the other config options from the JsonWriter.
  12. Read the docs from

    nameProperty : StringThis property is used to read the key for each value that will be sent to the server.

    this could do the trick
  13. I had a look into the source to check if a parameter is a way to solve the problem and I think I found a much more easier solution for all.
    Because the registered filters of the store are stored in...
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    Please provide a testcase that shows the problem and use the Bug Report Template, see "How to report a bug"

    I tried reproduced it with a dataview example and on store.add the itemadd listener on...
  15. Can you provide some code?

    I tried to reproduce this, but my RowEditor keep using POST only with the DC param in the URL.

    Here is the store definition I use
  16. But if you say: Okay, there is a filter for column "x" and now I add a second filter for the same column, okay lets replace it, how to manage AND linked filters?

    A list of users and I want to...
  17. Okay, thats true. I didn't read the Docs for this method. I'm using more the source to check out what something does ;)

    Yes that's obviously true, I use this in my code.
    What I meant, was the...
  18. Hello,

    I'm releasing my first piece of code: An ExtJs4 MVC Desktop with Zend Framework Backend and AdminPanel

    The development took several months and I'm somehow happy that Sencha didn't...
  19. Please if you quote, please quote correctly ;)

    In this testcase it is correct that getNewRecords() does not return the new record, because the new record is not valid.
    Yes, valid records,...
  20. Hello Olivier,

    I cannot load the grid. The JSON data contains an error from the php side

    Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in...
  21. Checked the source of Ext.panel.Panel at it seems, that the header CSS class is not configurable. But you can try to set it manually after render with something like

    panel.header.cls = 'mycss';
  22. I tried with a simple example to duplicate the problem, but in my tests, I had some other problems.

    Ext.create('Ext.form.Panel', {
    title: 'Contact Info',
    width: 300,
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    Do you have an "id" configured? A twice used Id could be a problem, but I'm not sure.

    Perhaps you can post a very small testcase?
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    Did you looked at the MVC pattern in extjs4?

    Separate view, model, stores and the controller make everything work again is nice to see.

    I think it comes with a good structure for normal...
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    Hello szabel,

    shortly I will have time to test this, but I doubt that this will work.
    I could not even execute the JSDB file (standalone), of course Sencha SDK failed too. But I will give it a...
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