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    Thanks for the report. This issue was reported here:

    There's a workaround on this post:
  2. Thanks for the report. Can you please post a test case which reproduces this issue?
  3. Have you had a look at the localization docs?
  4. Thanks for the report. That bug ticket is still active so I added a comment noting the increasing interest in getting this resolved.
  5. Thanks for the report! Can you please post a test case which reproduces this issue?
  6. Thanks for the report. This issue was reported here:

    Looks like it was fixed for 5.1.2 and 6.0.0.
  7. Looks like the syntax changed to -q for 6.x:
  8. This should be available in the support portal.

    Check the 'Downloads' section on the right, in the 'Sencha Cmd' section.
  9. So you are not wanting to decrypt it, rather you are looking to display it as is?
  10. There is an override on the bug ticket. Support subscribers can open a support ticket to gain access to it before the fix makes it into a future release.
  11. No workaround yet, but this issue was fixed a few days ago. Approval and merge into codebase are still pending.
  12. Thanks for the report and test case. This issue has been reported and is being tracked as EXTJS-16385.

    It was recently fixed, but the change...
  13. I don't see a setValues() method on Ext.form.Panel. The docs only shows this method available on Ext.form.Basic.!/api/Ext.form.Basic-method-setValues
  14. Thanks for following up. Was the solution to configure the toolkit?
  15. I'm assuming you saw nothing of note in your build log. Can you please try your build with the --debug flag to see if you get any more clues in the detailed output?
  16. Apologies for the search being down. It seems to be working for me now. Please post back if you are still seeing problems. Thanks.
  17. Thanks for the report. Are you using the example code from version 6?
  18. With what versions of Ext JS does this work?
  19. Thanks for the report. Does it behave any better if you use the latest version of Cmd (
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    Nice job! Thanks for sharing this with rest of us!
  21. Yes, I checked with an engineer and the early access release isn't aware of the subsequent file name changes, so the solution (as you've discovered) is to download the new version and install.
  22. Looks like you are using Cmd What version of Java do you have installed? What version of Cordova?
  23. With what kind of encryption is your data arriving?
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    I'm afraid I can't figure out what the question is here. What version of Sencha Cmd are you using?
  25. I don't believe a bug has been filed for this. Can you please post a test case which exhibits the behavior?
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