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  1. Still pulling my hair out on this one; but somehow I got the fiddle to demonstrate the problem here. Maybe it really is just the css. :-? But any assistance would be greatly be appreciated.
  2. Hi!

    When we set the with on a form field (Text, Display, Combo, pretty much any type of form field), the label takes up half and the field takes up the other half of the given space. (The label...
  3. The linked thread seemed to be talking about the menus needing to hide on losing focus; I wanted to keep the menus visible instead. It seems they have the same cause?

    Anyway, thanks.
  4. Ext version tested:

    Ext 5.1.107

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 39
    Firefox 33

    DOCTYPE tested against:
  5. Tried adding it before (then after) the microloader line in index.html and in the css array of app.json, no change... Where should it best be added?
  6. Oh. That was a typo, hehe, sorry.
    Thanks skirtle for your reply; upon inspection the CSS was indeed there but was overwritten by:

    .x-tool-img {
    overflow: hidden;
    width: 16px;
  7. I really don't understand what I'm doing wrong; that's exactly the procedure we've been doing since the beginning. The fiddle works great but in our app it's still showing the "X" icon.
  8. Since moving up to ExtJS 5 all my tools appear as the "close" type unless they are one of the default types. See screenshot: (The "X" is actually supposed to be a PDF icon)


    Sample code: ...
  9. Hi,

    Is there any way or workaround for Extjs 5 to simulate Sencha Touch's behavior in the following?

    tabbar: {
    dockedItems: [{

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    After much trial and error (including setting the sizes manually, which was a pain to debug), it turns out there a simple solution was available after all... I changed the listeners to the following....
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    Thank you, I've edited the code to remove the undefined identifier. Maybe you could have a look now?
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    TLDR: How to have a panel with flex, but allow a height to be set so it expands to fill view

    Trying to create a template panel that holds two panels and a resizer between them. Initially we used...
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    After checking again, I saw that there is a requiredCls config for form fields. But the issue was that I couldn't change it on demand (from the checkboxes). Thanks for the hint, though.

    I ended up...
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    Is there a way to alter a form field's label cls (other than replacing the field component altogether)?
    Our form has a few fields that will be required dynamically based on some checkboxes that...
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    I'm using the Ext.ux.ProgressBarPager in ExtJS 4.2, but I need to disable user clicks from sending GET requests. Is there a way to intercept the click to do a POST request (for searching) instead?...
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