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    1) Interesting.
    2) Don't really care
    3) ?
    4) Without a scafolding framework, it's good to have a start point for new projects. By the way did you evaluated SailsJS as well?
    5) That would...
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    I'm starting to evaluate as well... StrongLoop LoopBack looks like the way to go.
    Right now, just found that:
    Loopback + ExtJs:...
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    Sencha is once again finger flying its community. Can't express enough how sad I got when I found that topic and saw how stupid a company can be.
    I believe that they are just try to make the most...
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    So, it's optional to what JS files CMD will concatenate? There is some docs about it?
  5. Ext.AbstractPlugin didn't work to my aux as well.
  6. That's awesome!

    Thank you.
  7. As I need to keep editing this project and I would like to share something to the community, I'm trying to make this plugin an Architect Extension.
    But I will continue it in another post:...
  8. Because Architect crash hard the canvas by ignoring Resources, I'm trying to convert my Field Masking plugin into a Architect User Extension.
    (Canvas issue and plugin usage here:...
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    Hi. I have developed a web application that I have just ported from ExtJs 3 to 4. It is still using ext-all.js and is not in the MVC pattern.
    I would like to have some feedback from more...
  10. Yep, I'm on the second case. I'll assume there is no workaround for that.
    Unfortunately Architect is too much restrictive. I hope it evolves in the future, so I can revisit it and maybe use in other...
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    FYI, the part from the locale file that is crashing the build is the last line:

    Ext.define("Ext.locale.pt_BR.Component", {
    override: "Ext.Component"
    If I comment out this, the...
  12. The SA Design View stopped work on me and after a little dig (because is no warning or log saying something is going bad), I found that it stopped to work because I have added a plugin to a couple...
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    Thanks for the help.

    I went there and added #ffffff to all "form field background color" related stuff I can find but it still gives the same error:

    [INF] executing compass using system...
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    The docs at really don't let it clear, but after some tests I have a question.

    I undestood that the...
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    I'm facing the exact same problem right now. If I remove the language resource, it compiles ok.
    But I didn't understand the workaround mariod842 proposed. How do I do that?

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    You know, I don't believe that the question is to be Sencha or not Sencha. Architect has a cool interface but I agree it is not The One IDE To Rule Then All. You can't do simple things like edit...
  17. Humm, not that strange anymore.

    Thank you.
  18. Hi Aaron.

    Today I'm facing another strange bahavior due to this missing files. After a copied the files from backup and think it got back to normal, now I'm seeing the following behavior.

  19. Hi.
    I don't even know how to do that, but no, I didn't disabled anything.
    The only different thing I can remember is that I just published it, for the first time, one day and noticed the problem...
  20. Wow! I just remembered that I backuped my project folder yestarday and totally forgot about that. Yes! :">

    The diference I can see in the metadata folder is:
    - metadata
    -- resources
  21. Humm, source control, I understand now! It's not an Architect thing but some source control I may be using as Git or SVN. No... none!
    I basically use Titanium Studio to do my other codes and let the...
  22. At the metadata folder, I can see something about the missing Stores and Models only on the Application file, and it is only the id of the components, under the userConfig object, nothing about their...
  23. Today I opened the Architect and loaded the first project I'm started with it and I'm working right now. As soom as I opened it I noticed that it was on classic theme, but I never changed the theme...
  24. Change the path to "ext/" did the trick, but the bug itself seens to be there yet on the version, since my project stoped to work without announce.
  25. Hi Phil.

    It is my very first project with Architect and on the "Library Base Path" it is set to "", but the generated index.html started to show as...
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