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    list of notifications showing

    Hi eirik.lorentsen,

    how to show list of notifications .for suppose 10 notifications coming from database at once (Array[10])

    i am create like below

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    setDisabledDates(disabledDatesArray); working...


    working fine for me. Thank you
  3. Extjs datepicker update or override today date display as per timezone

    Hi every one ,

    how to change datepicker Today date . In my app i want to display date in date picker as per timezone.
    i am using timezone-js ( to convert date...
  4. grid panel records index change on store loading

    Hi every one ,<br>how to display records in 0 index position if record is logged in employee.<br>when i am login my application i get logged in employee id, i want to display that record in grid 0...
  5. Extjs toolbar radio group dynamically select

    Hi every one,
    how to select toolbar radio group item dynamically . in my case i have a toolbar, in toolbar i am displaying radio group with name A,B ,C. By default is selected and a A related view...
  6. thank you very much

    thank you very much
  7. thanks for replay Piruthu...

    thanks for replay Piruthu,
    it is use full for me.
    but i want to display record in index=0(ie: if logged in employee id =record id)
    here is my code

    viewConfig: {
  8. Extjs grid panel row disable (NON SELECTABLE)

    hi every one,

    how to disable grid panel single row disable(non selectable) . in my case grid display all employees . in grid my logged in employee also displayed(logged in employee id is globale...
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    thanks very much for replaying existdissolve...

    thanks very much for replaying existdissolve . it working fine after i am loading data like below in Memoryevent.js--->onProxyLoad

    onProxyLoad: function(operation) {
    var me = this,
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    extjs calendar with dynamic data loading

    Hi every one,

    i am using extjs 4.2 gpl (examples ->calendar)calendar ( i am try to load data from database ,in my application i am...
  11. Extjs fieldset checkboxToggle checkbox value (checked/unchecked)dynamically

    hi ,
    how to change fieldset checkboxToggle checkbox checked/unchecked dynamically .. i e

    my fieldset having checkbox group (dynamically created ). if any checkbox group checkbox is checked ,i...
  12. Tabpanels with in form loadrecord probleam

    hi every one,

    how to display data in form tabpanels .
    hi have a form that contains tabpanel. how to load record in to that form.

    my code is below:

    this.Form =...
  13. grid panel with radio button column select get record

    Hi , every one

    my requirement is to display radio button in grid panel row column. if i select radio button in a grid get the record or value .

    i am using extjs4.

    i am attaching...
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    apply custom css to tabpanel


    i wants to apply custom css to my tabpanels . how can apply custom css.

    var tabPanel = Ext.create('', {
    deferredRender: true,
  15. thank u for replaying. i want to find which...

    thank u for replaying.

    i want to find which button clicked in a button group , not firing click event .

    in buttongroup which button clicked i want to find.
  16. extjs toolbar listener get the clicked button data(id,name,overCls,cls)

    hi every one ,

    how to get toolbar listener clicked button id.

    my toolbar consistences of 4 buttons(A ,B,C,D) . i am adding listener to toolbar (not for buttons in toolbar). IF i am click on C...
  17. var Grid = Ext.create('Ext.grid.Panel', { ...

    var Grid = Ext.create('Ext.grid.Panel', {
    enableColLock: false,
    enableCtxMenu: false,
  18. extjs search form designing or grid header search filtering

    hi every one,

    how to prepare search filter criteria (like tine20 contacts search).
    is there any plugin or working examples .

    if i click on add add new row ,or if i am click on remove remove...
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    deftjs store inejction eroor

    hi every one ,

    the following error i am getting ,please any one face this .

    if i am using sencha command to build project . if i am run the project it gives
  20. extjs cmd to build project get [ERROR] NULL


    i am using sencha command . i am generating project with sencha command and try to build project i am getting following error

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    ok, if any exception is raised on any store that...

    ok, if any exception is raised on any store that is ajax request i want to execute

    Ext.Ajax.on('requestexception', function (conn, response, options) { if (response.status === 403) { ...
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    yes ,it is correct . can i do that ? , please...

    yes ,it is correct . can i do that ? , please give me the example
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    tabpanel click only create view page

    hi every one,

    how to view create and destroy on tab panel click.

    my requirement is if 3 tab panels is there TAB1 TAB2 TAB3.

    IF i am click on TAB1 only create TAB1 view AND if i am ...
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    ajax request exception handling

    hi every one.

    how to handle ajax request exception . i am using ajax request on store . i want to handle request is send(beforerequest) and requestcomplete and requestexception globally . how to...
  25. thank you for replaying , it s gives error...

    thank you for replaying ,

    it s gives error :[
    [ERR] Failed to resolve dependency Deft.mvc.Application for file DeftjsApp.view. Application
    [ERR] Error executing page compilation Unknown...
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