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  1. [FIXED] Workaround

    I was not able to set the image directory parameter as this is encapsulated within an ant task.

    For this reason I created a structure parallel to my sencha workspace with the following layout,...
  2. [FIXED] Problem generating sprites with Compass and Sencha Command


    Sencha Cmd version(s) tested:

    Sencha Cmd v4.0.0.203
    Operating System:

    64 bit - Linux - Fedora Core 19
    Framework used:
  3. [OPEN] Problem still applies to CMD

    The Problem still applies to sencha CMD This is rather annoying as I am currently migrating the project structure from a custom build to the sencha suggested workspace structure. Due to...
  4. [INFOREQ] Thanks for sharing your solution. I used a...

    Thanks for sharing your solution.

    I used a similar approach, by using a small bash script (shortened and stripped version is below).
    This script compiles a given extjs theme and copies the build...
  5. [INFOREQ] I am having the same Problem. As my project...

    I am having the same Problem. As my project cannot comply to the default project structure I was just trying to writing a script, which converts the new package structure into a compass extension...
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