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  1. I don't want circles though. I want squares.

    Oddly enough, if you watch the initial draw animation, the markers do look squarish for 1/10th of a second, but the always end up as circles in the end.
  2. Here is a link to the Line Chart sample from ExtJS' Samples & Demos page with one of the markers changed to a "square"

    As you can see, the chart renders as...
  3. I ran in to a different problem but the root cause is due to that very same line. My problem is that a series' line's stroke completely disappears on highlight.

    Look at the following Ext Chart...
  4. Looks like the bug is back.

    I am running ExtJs 3.2.1 on top of jQuery and in Chrome. Clicking the 'x' button initiates a window drag.

    If I set draggable:false, then the close button works as...
  5. Has this fix been committed for the next release?
  6. The window resize listener will continue to fire even after the element has been destroyed. Because anchorTo creates a private event listener, there is no way to remove it without clearing all resize...
  7. See and for more information.

    I can understand the need for a simplistic regex, email validation via...
  8. If you have a Menu with a separator and you mouse over the element, it will be highlighted as an active menu item.

    The easiest fix to this I found was adding the following to the line 27 of...
  9. On line 2309 on ext-core-debug.js (from the standalone Core package):

    compile : function(){
    var me = this,
    sep = Ext.isGecko ? "+" : ",";

    function fn(m, name){...
  10. There is no Ext Js 3.0 Bug Forum so I'll post this here. Please feel free to move as necessary.

    Given the following HTML:

  11. I did briefly look at nodeTypes, but I did not immediately know what I was looking for and needed a quick fix to move forward with my project.

    If that is the better option, then it works for me....
  12. Given the following query:'body > *[id]')

    A "ci.getAttribute is not a function" error is thrown. (The selector I am using is more complex, but this is the easiest way to reproduce...
  13. I have a QuickTip that I have initialized to be 100px tall. Before I display the QuickTip, I resize it to match the width of a particular element on the page.

  14. Sorry, I Googled for the bug and did not see anything.
  15. If you create a ComboBox with a hidden trigger, the element is rendered off the page in IE due to the following code:

    afterRender : function(){
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    In case anyone is curious, we maintain a copy of each version of ExtJs we use in our internal source control (so we can selectively upgrade each app.)

    I got around the onReady error by simply...
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    That's interesting, I have had no problems in FF3 on the Mac...
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    I get this error in IE6 when my application is a child frame within a larger frameset (no iframes involved)

    I am also curious as to what changed between 2.1 and 2.2 to cause this.
  19. From what I can see, the Checkbox/Radio class cannot properly determine its value from HTML. I am not sure if this was intended or not, but it makes initialization that much easier when the the...
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    My company uses a DSL built on top of Selenium-on-Rails to write our functional tests. In my opinion, it is MUCH easier than using the browser plug-in. We also use CruiseControl to handle the...
  21. Try:

    storeEval( '', 'storeId' )

    That will evalulate the JS line and store it into the Selenium variable 'storeId' or whatever you want...
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    I would advise you to stay away from XPATH selectors and stick with CSS selectors.

    Selenium's XPATH implementation for IE6 is horrendously slow and will kill the browser.

    I use Selenium...
  23. I've been playing around with your Ext template and its a great start!

    I've noticed that its built primarily to document the Ext.ux namespace. Are there any plans to add support for the global...
  24. If you can't get your custom Hn styles to work, then you must be having specificity problems.

    You don't have to apply a special class to the header tags to style them. You can use CSS selectors to...
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    If you are doing all of the authorization on the server-side, does it really matter which methods are available at run-time?

    I think I would have a generic User class:

    User.prototype = {
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