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  1. Hi Don,

    The theme.html file renders correctly beforehand, with all widgets on display. It seems its only the image slicing that is upset by the hidden component. As a workaround, I've removed the...
  2. On further investigation, I think I've traced the issue to this selector in our scss:

    display: none;

    The lack of a visible datepicker footer seems to be...
  3. Hi Mitchell, this is the full script output with the -d switch.

    Sencha Cmd v3.0.0.190
    [INFO ] Building theme
    [INFO ] Capturing theme image
    [DEBUG] runngin script at...
  4. Hello all,

    I'm attempting to fix up the IE and older browser compatibility for our app. To that end, I've been using Sencha cmd to put together a theme.html and then slice sprites from it, as...
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