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  1. Hi,

    I have an app that uses the PhoneGap api to retrieve a photo from the phone. I then use the Base64 encoding of the photo to insert it onto the screen. My problem is no matter how I approach...
  2. Ok still struggling with this problem. I have even tried dumbing down my solution to make it easier but I still cannot get the image to resize to fit the screen.

    All I would like to achieve now...
  3. Doing this made the image not appear at all. The size of the container needs to be set to show anything. But I want the container to resize based on the image. Also, even when I give the...
  4. No one has any ideas?
    I'm confused about why this wouldn't work in Senchatouch as if I use the same rules in plain html and CSS the max-width technique should be working.
  5. Hey Guys,

    I'm trying to create a way of cropping an image input from a phone gallery or camera. Basically the image should be shown inside a container with another image (just a red square or...
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    Awesome thanks for the help :)
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    I am trying to embed a Carousel object within a TabPanel.
    Here is the code I have now.


    Ext.define("GCRUs.view.Viewport", { extend: 'Ext.TabPanel',
    config: {
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