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  1. Maybe i'll get the plugin into our company...:)

    Currently it's tested through our software deployment and when everything is fine, it will get delivered to all users.
  2. I this case i think i have to wait for a change of the browser in our company...before i can use ExtJS.
    Rewritting an application from jQuery to an old extJs version instead of the new one, sounds...
  3. When it would be that easy to get rid of IE in my company it would have already been done.
    I already tried to push them to move, but it's not that easy. Still several webpages / application are...
  4. Hello together,

    currently i am checking what is all possible with extJS. (documentation, examples, forum, google, ...)
    All looks very fine....the components work very stable and you can do nearly...
  5. I found now a good example of what i'm talking about.
    In the blog there are a couple of examples, which i will take as a basis.
  6. Currently i use "apply" for function calling.

    And in the case of a "new" function (complete script block). I create a scriptblock in HTML....instead of eval()

    add : function(text) {
  7. I think you missunderstood me...

    There are abstraction classes for grids, forms, ....directy in javascript.

    I return a JSON object after each request, which has configs and function calls for...
  8. Okay, then i will do it this way.

    The benefits for me are:
    - if you got a bug -> you have to fix it in one class
    - if you wand to upgrade the library -> you have to fix it in one class
    - if you...
  9. Hello,

    currently i'm thinking about switching from jQueryUI to extJS.

    Currently all grids, forms and other elements, are directly created in my backend (the javascript function calling + json...
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    Yes, that is what we all do sure.

    But for managing database a webinterface is wrong IMO.

    Using console direct or an database vendor programm is a lot faster, safer and more stable than any...
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    I never understanded the need of a webbased database administration tool, but great work.
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