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  1. I want to create a ShoutBox control using ExtJS. I'll use an Ext.DataView for showing messages, a textarea and send button to send messages. I'll implement the polling mechanism using...
  2. Found it:
    treenode.ui.getIconEl().setAttribute("class","x-tree-node-icon new_icon_css_class");
  3. I tried with:


    but the result is not what I expected.
    Any suggestions?
  4. Thanks, man. I used the same method and I solved a similar issue. For other users that may have the same problem:
    If you want to extend a class from another and you have those classes in different...
  5. Perfect. Thank you very much Condor.
  6. I have a grid that initially have now rows( no records into the data store) and I want to change the background to yellow instead of white. I tried the next settings:

    var my grid = new...
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    Sorry, actually is the 'center' region ( I have 'center' and 'south', I tought I have 'north' and 'center').

    this.grid = new Ext.grid.GridPanel({
    region: 'center',
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    @Animal. The gridpanel I use is part of 'north' region of a border layout. I tried with doLayout() function but I had the same problem. Believe me, I spent many hours and I did many tries to fix this...
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    I know had is his problem, it it the same I had. Swambala, you may try this:

    var tb2 = new Ext.Toolbar({
    var pGridView =...
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    In the end, I solved the problem. I'll post the fix here, maybe someone need it:

    var gridView = grid.getView();
    var currentHeight = gridView.scroller.getHeight();...
  11. I tried that and a lot of other solutions. If it was so simple, I wouldn't ask for help. I think I need somebody that knows better the grid's DOM and how the layout is calculated. The fact that I add...
  12. No, :) I'm not that noob. Actually the problem is more complicated, it is related to this issue:
    If I resize manually the south...
  13. Hello,
    I want to dynamically resize the south region of a border layout, as if is was resized by the user manually. I want to do this from code. Any suggestions?
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    I have a problem regarding a GridPanel. I have a paginated GridPanel(20 rows/page). The GridPanel is the center region of a border layout(beside the center region I have only a south region)....
  15. Also verify if "Preferences" -> "Advanced" tab -> "Content" menu -> "JavaScript options..." button -> "Allow script to receive right clicks" checkbox is set.
  16. I found the problem. As I told you before, this application is big :). The Ext.Container add method was overwritten, in order to fix an IE7 issue. I commented this overwritten method and now it...
  17. It is hard to create a test case in a short-time, the application that I work on is very complex and very large. The main idea is next:
    - The main application consist in 2 regions, a west region...
  18. EXT version: 3.1.1

    I have the next Tab panel:

    var tabPanel = new Ext.TabPanel({
    id: 'MainCenterPanel',
    region: 'center',
    deferredRender: false,
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    Fixed.Columns with same id.
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    I have in my application 2 classic portal panels ( in two separate tabs). The problem I have is that when I switch between these 2 portals, the portlets of the second appears into the first portal...
  21. I have a problem when I define the events:

    * @event close
    * Fires when the Close menu item is clicked
  22. Hello,
    I have this problem when firing a custom event, at the next line:

    this.fireEvent("myEvent", anObjectAsParameter);

    I receive the next error:

    l.fireFn has no properties
  23. I want the loading mask to not appear at all. What parameters should I send to the submit() method?
  24. Hello, I have an editable grid with combo-lists as editors. What I want to do is next :
    - when I select a value from the first column's combo-list, I want the second column combo-list to expand...
  25. Thank you Condor,
    Your answer was awesome, I replaced the id with the itemId and it worked.
    Now I have to do that all over my application, wherever I have contextual menus.
    Thanks again, nice job.
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