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  1. In List: before 2.0-beta2 to separate functionality for itemtap in disclosure and normal list was:

    list.addListener('itemtap', function(list, index, element, e) {
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    I've found in this post that initConfig don't works in constructors, and next I've found Mitchell's code that works: "this.callParent([config]);" is the replaced method for:...
  3. I've take a look at the simple MVC example by Mitchell and I've found new working code to make constructor. His code is in List.js:

    Ext.define('MVCTest.view.List', { extend :...
  4. Many thanks to mitchellsimoens for last answer. I've found now a strange error.

    Like documentation says I've added constructor in Ext.define block, but it don't works and give an error:...
  5. It's a simple question, i think, but I don't be able to add an object dynamicaly.
    Here the simplified working code to add statically:

    name: 'Test',
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