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  1. How long have you been working on this Qarea? It's been over a week now. If I were you, I'd do the RIGHT thing and fix all the syntax errors.

    You'll need to compress the code before it goes live...
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    This will be epic for debugging =]

    Will it be able to learn custom structures? For instance, we have built View Controllers into ExtJS which don't extend and implement custom...
  3. If you've got 4gb free to play with then I'd keep adjusting the memory settings until you have it right.

    Start with cmd.jvm.args=-Xms128m -Xmx2048m and keep adjusting the -Xmx setting until it...
  4. I had the same issues come up.

    If you don't supply the -yui argument, YUI compression does not take place. If you haven't specified -yui and it's still coming up with YUI errors, then something...
  5. Have you tried commenting the line out altogether?
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    Hi Don, thanks your your response.

    I understand that our perspectives will will different, so here's my view.

    The quotes you've provided do fill the gaps I pointed out, but the...
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    Ah yes, all too familiar with that...

    I sorted my dependency issues by setting the classpaths in .sencha/app/sencha.cfg

    Thanks for the heads up on the testing build, I was unaware of that...
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    Thanks :)

    I'm unable to use the command as it's not picking up the dependencies from my manifest.

    I there a way I can specify class paths in the sencha app build testing command?
  9. Hi ^_^

    You can use
    sencha compile --classpath=src1,src2,src3 concatenate --compress --output-file all-classes.js

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    Hi Sencha & The Community!

    First of all - this isn't a hate-fest. This is constructive feedback on the way Sencha Cmd has been delivered the public in a drive to make it better. Hopefully any...
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    Hi Sencha, please respond to this issue. We have exactly the same issue and from looking around the forums & Google, it's more than just us.
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    @Sanjay-patel - The docs say to perform the command from an ext source directory & not the Cmd directory ;)
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    I am trying the command from my /ext-4.1.2-commercial/ directory
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    Instead of


    mixins: {
    mixable: 'My.Mixin'
  15. I don't know if this is a shared issue, all the links within Live Examples to ext resources point to a folder called extjs-build, which doesn't exist in the output directory, meaning no live examples...
  16. Yeah, you're right. Thanks :).

    FYI I accidentally down-voted your last comment. It won't let me undo!
  17. I've updated both but I still get the same error. :(
  18. Ok thanks, I'm going to have a go at implementing a mailer class. I just started through the hacking guide and I got this error when running rake ext4:

  19. Hi renku,

    Had an idea for a feature: How about a @doccontact tag that works like @docauthor but for an email address?

    Jsduck could have an additional flag that tells it to email parse errors...
  20. Hi renku, thanks for this latest update =]

    Do you have any plans to integrate commenting? We have been exploring the possibility of using jsduck as a collaborative tool and would love to know if...
  21. Please see my original post on this.

    Probably needs tweaking for beta 3. works for beta 2
  22. Hi Westy, I have also had the tooltip focus issue since beta 1, but I've got a fix if you (or anyone else) would like it.

    This fix should help with components of the classes 'Ext.tip.QuickTip',...
  23. Hi, thanks for the response!

    I completely agree that the solution should be at the server side.

    However in terms of your solution, consider this situation:
    You have an application that draws...
  24. Tried using the following code:
    ('this' is a gridpanel cmp)

    this.on('viewready', function(){
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    I've attached the modified plugin. I don't have time or enough knowledge to port it to GWT unfortunately, so hopefully this will be able to help you, despite having been written for EXT JS....
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