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  1. Confirmed, Campfire API doesn't support CORS and jsonP

    I create a new thread on 37signals-api, and I receive the confirmation:

    No CORS or JSONP currently, though we're open to supporting them.
    (by Jeremy Kemper)
    Someone could give me an advice?
  2. Campfire API supports... doesn't seems that support Cors and jsonP.

    Hi, thanks for getting involved =D

    Based on this thread:

    CORS (Campfire API doesn't seems that it support Cors.)
    Regarding the jsonP I found this thread:

    JSONP support for Campfire...
  3. Campfire API and how can I use it with ExtJS 4.1

    I'm trying to learn doing an ExtJS MVC app this month and during this week I was trying to understand how I can do my app communicate with apps like Campfire API but I have no success.

    I only need...
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