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    To be more complete:

    if(iq() > 4) {
    } else {
    dont(); quit = your + dajob;
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    Just us a renderer on that column. Any renderer function gets the whole record as an parameter, so you can do the calculation there.
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    If I could toss an idea in, I would propose an approach based on "compensating" transactions. For example, as used in DBMS's (

    You would...
  4. I'm sorry then I can't help ya, I come to ExtJS from the programming side not from the DOM/HTML side.

    Is there any particular reason you are adding components and custom html like this? Sticking...
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    Yes, different identifiers on both nodes will do the trick. In cases like this there often is a composite key imaginable that can be used to really uniquely a record. For example: parentId + id...
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    That is only possible if you fake the two nodes to have different id's. The Ext stores are all build around the idea that id's are unique within the datatype
  7. Have you tried deferredRender: false?!/api/
  8. Not trying to make this a yes/no game, but I think it serves some purpose to have the things here to be correct.

    You do not need Ext.require() for anything else than making sure that classes you...
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    Often you can just choose which one to use constructor or initComponent. Its a matter af taste I believe.

    The difference is that your constructor is executed really at the start of creation....
  10. You should wrap your code in code tags, makes it much more readable ;)

    Thats just how I namespaced that class, no further reason ;)

    When working with our continues integration tool for full...
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    As a general rule: duplication is the devil. Whenever you start duplicating information to multiple sources it is guaranteed to start and bite you in the ass at some point.

    I have no experience...
  12. Well in that case I would use a static root when instantiating the store. After the store is instantiated you can do a Ext.Ajax.request({}) to the source by hand and use the result to build the tree....
  13. You mean your failure handler was called? Did you set a success: true on the json result object?
  14. You should keep returning JSON, just change the mimetype to text/html. The browser expects text/html, however ExtJS will interpret the "response.responseText" as being JSON.
  15. When you are submitting a form that includes a file it is send as a regular post and the expected mimetype by your browser in return is text/html. ExtJS in turn interprets it as JSON, however your...
  16. Personally I do not see the need for displaying more then 10's or maybe 100's of records at once. Most (non-power) users couldn't handle that. I would go for filtered or paged views.

    If you really...
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    Here is the documentation for XTemplate:!/api/Ext.XTemplate

    This should do the trick:

    <tpl if='test == \"\"'>No<tpl else>{test}</tpl>
  18. I -personally- wouldn't bother with reconfiguring the Store with another model and proxy and reloading it every time the user changes his selection. I would have two sets of Store, Model and Proxy...
  19. I agree with you, that is dumb. However, I do not think that ExtJS is trying to force you to send that empty object. I think its just a bug (or actually more like a flaw) and think you should write a...
  20. If you are using preconfigured classes lilke you are, I wouldnt add an itemId to the window, but just use xtype.

    First add an xtype (alias) to your window configuration

  21. You mean something like this?

    The models:

    Ext.define('ecms.remotehelp.articles.Model', {
    extend: '',
    fields: [
  22. Your final observation is correct. Never go for unique id's, do not attempt it, it will be a mess. (I think, I never tried it actually)

    What you are doing is all fine, you just need to target the...
  23. To see how to handle events you can explore the examples. There is quite some event handling done there. For data interaction with the server you use a store, this will not refresh the page.

  24. Normally you shouldn't have to provide the total property on a save. At least I never do and it works fine. ;)

    Hunch: What might be the case is that standard the reader searches for the total...
  25. Text and date fields do not take an boxLabel but a fieldLabel. I believe that will solve your problems :P
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