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  1. Hi.

    I have the same problem, I did a simple app with one titlebar and a label, when I packed the app to Android, this fail with androidapilevel 15 (android 4.0.3) but not fail with level 10...
  2. I found this example for ExtJs4, but works for touch charts.

    series: [{
    yField: ['data1', 'data2'],
    title: ['Title 1', 'Title 2']
  3. Ok thanks.
    Anyway now that you've made the question. Do you know what is the answer?
  4. How can I get this fix.
  5. Hello.
    Any answer for this?
    I have the same problem. I need to show the label but is not displayed. Works only with one field.

    yField: ['value1',
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