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    I'm having an issue behind a company proxy too - I have it explicitly configured within the LAN settings as you mentioned aconran but the app does not let me register. Any assistance?
  2. Good work, will give it a test in my app soon - we use it in almost all our forms (~70 forms)!
  3. This is currently untested in 3.2 will give it a go and try to get any fixes done asap!
  4. Agreed - i'd have preferred 3.1 to be delayed until all the layout issues/performance was sorted. I've now had to upgrade and fix our app for 3.1.0 and then again for 3.1.1! I agree with joeri that...
  5. OK its fixed in the original post, issue was that the [ p h p ] tags were stripping the \ from the regex!
  6. Ok apologies for those of you with issues with the parseint, the forum is stripping the \ from the code! Will update the code asap!
  7. Yep looks good to me mystic. Guess this is candidate for 3.1.2... And something adding to the known bugs list with 3.1.1 in the release notes might help people migrating?
  8. Mystix, that override surely doesn't fix:

    setConfig : function(config, initial){
    var i, c, len;
    if(!initial){ // cleanup
    delete this.totalWidth;
  9. Don't quite follow, the checks for that are moveEditorOnEnter !== false, so even if I leave it undefined everything should still work. Even setting it to true still does not fix this issue and the...
  10. Will do in future, cheers.
  11. Nope, there's a few reports in the extensions forum regarding it:

    But I haven't opened a bug report.
  12. Upgraded our app today and as with 3.1.0 had quite a few issues, ideally there would be none but nothing we can't fix. Generally undocumented changes and methods being updated which breaks...
  13. I can still reproduce this in 3.1.1 adding:

    ,sm: new Ext.grid.RowSelectionModel()

    to the edit-grid.js in examples.
  14. Guys, have hopefully fixed compatability with 3.1.1 now - let me know!
  15. I've seen an issue where it doesn't correctly identify x-hide-display elements as hidden, can we not check for x-hide-display/x-hide-visibility/x-hidden classes as well just to make sure?

    I'll see...
  16. Fairly major bug, the following check in the element isVisible loop:

    while(p && !/body/i.test(p.tagName)){

    matches TBODY elements as well as the overall BODY element, so when using deep:...
  17. Jamie, will this be in 3.1.1?
  18. Pretty sure this is a dup of
  19. Thanks for posting a test case, I have done a lot of digging and have only found out that essentially the before edit fires fine and with a breakpoint in the right place it all works fine, but...
  20. So your not using the new version and it works? Hmm strange I'm using the new version with no problems... check the first post again and let me know!
  21. I have updated the original post with the latest version compatible with 3.1 (which includes trackLabels functionality, using the config value of FormLayout trackLabels).
  22. Sorry guys been a bit slow with my 3.1 upgrade, code for isValidParent I'm using is:

    isValidParent : Ext.layout.FormLayout.prototype.isValidParent,

    I'll post a full update soon...
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    Fix for onRemove is as follows:

    onRemove: function(item) {
    Ext.destroy(item.ds.proxy, item.ds);, item);
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    I'm certainly for the new layout changes, hope they make it in!
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    Good good - cheers Animal!
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