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  1. I've copy this code and added some more stuff to it.
    This basically overrides some functionality in Xtemplate and allows you to add
    objects to it in the following way:

  2. Is there a fix?
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    did you solve it?
  4. Check that you don't have two components marked as fullscreen:true that are nested.
    I think that is your problem
  5. Hey,

    Is it possible to change the proxy settings of a specific model instance?
    modelInstanes.getProxy().url = "onetimeURL"
    This line changes the url for all future created model.
    I want to...
  6. I've created a new kind of list that can enable this functionality.

    My solution is not elegent but working for most cases.
  7. Wierd question:
    when viewed in broweser after the map disapear and you manually resize the browser window does it reapear?
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    when using getGroupString config in a store but not a sorter, and grouped:true on the list:
    The items in the list are changing positions but when you request store.getAt(IndexOfClickedItem) you get...
  9. A panel was just an example for a container.
    I would like to design an advance list item with various nested widgets with events, css,etc

    Manually adding them is quite a hassle.
  10. Hey all,

    I would like to add a panel instead of a TPL to each of the items in my list. what is the best way to achieve this?

  11. it seems this problem is back dated to January: thread.
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    toggle event is being called even when pressing on a "pressed" button.

    Also the buttons behave wierd when i assign them an ID.

  13. bump bump?
  14. I'm not sure about it but i think its the same in Sencha Touch.
    Also in sencha touch i found out that if server respond is json but not in the right format record returns null and than
  15. BumpBump
  16. It seems there is a problem with loading a specific instance (load() function) using the rest proxy in a model/store object. example:

    Ext.regModel('User', {
    fields: ['id', 'name', 'email'],
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