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  1. I'm playing with Ext5 and also found issue with field focus on modal window. Here is quick fix that works for me...

    1. Don't use modal:true on Window, instead fire global application event ...
  2. Found it :)) , thnx!

    if (grid.features) {
    grid.features = features.concat(grid.features);
    } else {
    grid.features = features;
  3. I have the same issue with this sample using PreviewPlugin.js from examples/ux folder.
    Just tested released ExtJS 4 Final and problem still exists.

    var grid = Ext.create('Ext.grid.Panel',...
  4. Hi,

    Source below is something I have done in Ext3, but I have no clue how to do it in Ext4.
    I know there is focusCls config, but is it possible to set some defaults to the class so every button I...
  5. Hi, you don't need to change anything.

    Did you try the web demo?
    Korean is supported by default. See attached image.

    Can you post header of your html or your Ext.onReady() code?
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    Oh my gosh!!! After 2hrs looking for how to do it I just found it after the first post :)
    (Obvoiusly I did not read specification well)

    If anyone asked the same qustion , it should be :))
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    Hi all,

    I have custom extdirect Java server side engine for maping java classes to extdirect but the problem is naming in ext direct json definition.
    Is it possible to define ExtDirect name...
  8. Hi to all,

    New version is available with lot's of enhancements.
    Java server side code is refactored, many bug fixes and improvements.

    For more info go to
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    That's it !!! :) Thank you very much. You helped me a lot.
    Playing with your example I got something like this below but now every component have the same size. I have tried couple of settings but...
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    Hi people,

    I have tried to create window with formpanel and multiple containers in formpanel
    haivng hbox layout but window is not properly sized.

    The same I have tried with Ext Designer...
  11. Hi to all!!!!

    This is component for accessing to IBM iSeries servers (AS/400) through web interface using ExtJS framework.
    Uses DWR, SpringFramework and ExtJS :)

    My original post for Ext 2.0...
  12. Version 1.5 BETA available. For more info visit link on top of first post.
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    This is great add-on. =D>

  14. Added :D

    I am also thinking about implementing Import/Export for translations from future tranlsation editor so they can be easily deployed from development to production environment.
  15. Hi Arno!

    You read my mind. :)
    I was thinking about your request posting some screenshots in the same moment I received your last post on email.
    But video would be even beter. :) :) So there it...
  16. Dear sir,

    In replay to your post on this forum and private message to me...

    I never mentoned anything against Serbia and serbs. You point it out on the forum and forced me to replay as you made...
  17. Yes they are. But we are translating GUI wich mostly have one or two words for label, title etc. If this can speed up and help with translation then it is ok. We will not translate essays.

  18. Guten abend :)

    Having symbols instead of texts is a good point. But in web applications you usually have many dynamic parts.
    There are cases when they are very usable, but sometimes they...
  19. It's not point in the Google Translation Service. Project is evolved from 1st version which was based only on that service.
    The whole idea is to dynamicaly load text replacements from as you say...
  20. Hi TheBerliner,

    As I understand, you would like to have general implementation for support for multiple languages but
    with less programming as possible (or without any programming at all). ...
  21. Update 21.07.2009.
    Version 1.4 available for download.

    Source can be downloaded from

    For changes and incoming features look at...
  22. You can download demoes and try. Translations are not always as expected. This is due to Google Translation Service quality. Manual correction is neccessary.

    I am sure you are aware that there is...
  23. Thanks. :D

    I agree with that. I already have server-side HTTP-Proxy implemented. This feature for browser side proxy is just as a second option. It will be useful at least for me for some...
  24. Appreciate for that. Thank you for the info. :)

    For now I have a problem of synchronous loading of translations before components are rendered.

    I am working on small addon for dynamic...
  25. SOLVED!
    Google translation service supports JSONP.

    Ext.Ajax.request( {
    url : '',
    async : false,
    isJSON : true,
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