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  1. Thanks for your feedback, I will give it a try

    2 comments though:
    - shouldn't the error message then be changed to state that write permissions are missing and not that a file is missing?
    - as...
  2. Getting error below. Why? How to resolve?
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    This command does not work:
    "$ sencha -sdk /path/to/touch generate app MyApp"

    It needed to be this:
    "$ sencha -sdk...
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    Since iOS 6 and below as well as Android (to my knowledge) are 'legacy-flex supporting browsers' is there any known workaround to get multi-line flexbox layouts in them other than just standard...
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    Using Sencha Touch 2. Cannot get consistent cross browser results for a simple mutli line flexbox - FF doesn't work at all, that is ok but need some consistency between desktop Chrome and any browser...
  6. Thanks for your feedback.
  7. Excellent! Thanks, much appreciated.

    What would be the ETA for a fix?
  8. Mitchell, had you been able to reproduce the issue?
  9. Mitchel, I made it easy for you as I just created a minimal sample app:
    - pls create a new ST project by 'sencha generate app crash <dir>'
    - overwrite app/view/Main.cs by attached
    - build project,...
  10. Mitchell, have you been able to reproduce? As per above there's no "websocket setup" needed. Just a sample app following my directions above. Thanks
  11. I confirmed this AM that the issue is even reproducible when trying to open a websocket to a non-existent server: then it still would fire the onClose callback (even as can't connect) and would crash...
  12. Had you been able to reproduce the issue? It's 100% reproducible using the setup I provided.

    As it stands Ext.Msg is just not usable in that scenario which I don't think should be left "as is" as...
  13. I don't know. Is means there could be a scenario where Ext.Msg.alert crashes the app which never should happen in any given JS scenario.

    I could give you the link to my real world scenario, but...
  14. No, the scenario is different. You needed to force websocket.onClose 2 times e.g. by 2 connections which then are closed. Having it in websocket.onClose is crucial. Something like this will do
  15. Ext.Msg.alert is not fully re-entrant. I have a scenario where in the .onClose logic of a websocket I call "Ext.Msg.alert('error', 'message');".

    It works OK one time, next time the .onClose logic...
  16. Thanks for your feedback.

    Curious: how many JS files did you largest SA project have in one inspector node/folder?
  17. Thanks for being specific.

    This makes the SA unusable for mid and large size projects, but only usable for mini projects. I strongly recommend reviewing that serious limitation.
  18. We're not on the same page. I liked to know if I could create nodes/folders/... (not sure how you would call them) which are expandable/collapsible in the inspector. This is to visually organize mid...
  19. To clarify: I cannot create folders in SA. Is that correct?

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    Thanks for these insights
  21. Thanks

    I could not find a way to create a folder in SA. Do you have a pointer/link?
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    Doesn't translate e.g. the physical location "c:\tmp\app.html" to the URL "file:///c|/tmp/app.html"?

    What am I missing?
  23. So how would I create folders in the SA resource node?
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    When trying the preview option I get screenshot below. This is confusing: SA created an app.html file and thus knows exactly where it is.

    Why would I get asked for a URL and what should I enter?
  25. The subject says it all: I have lots of JS files, organized on purpose in a custom folder structure which I needed to add to SA 2 maintaining the folder structure.

    I'm aware of this link...
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