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  1. It works, thanx :)

    Actually, it works only if i define listener outside of constructor of viewport, but it works...
  2. Hi, i want to have my login form centered in viewport.

    Is there any way to do it? I tried all layouts and couldn;t find it.

    I decided to go with absolute layout and reposition form when browser...
  3. Hi, anyone using Java for backend?

    Possibly Jersey for REST communication ( ?
  4. I guess that we all agree on that any good application should have some kind of API exposed over REST, which is currently widely accepted "standard" (not to say that is ql).

    So if i need to use...
  5. Replies
    If anyone is using ExtJS with server side in Java how do you package your project for deployment?

    Do you have one project for ExtJs only (being the front end) and (at least) another one for server...
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