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  1. To fix the cursor style on the "Add files" button with HTML5 runtime, you can add these params to the input tag: <input type="file"> in "plupload.full.min.js"

    size="1" style="width:100%; right:...
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    I was trying this code in Firefox and I was always getting the value 'on' for the checkbox field:

    if (Ext.get('admin_approve').getValue() == 'on'){so I changed that line by:

  3. Try to build a JSP or PHP page to apply the XSLT transformation on the server side. Then replace the 'SourceInfo.xml' reference to this new url.
  4. You can modify the CSS removing the background-image and using a background-color. Although the easiest way to show a gradient is with an image.

    .x-tab-strip-top .x-gray-tab .x-tab-right, ...
  5. This is an example using css.


    You should include the css in the tabCls property.

    .x-tab-strip-top .x-gray-tab .x-tab-right,
    .x-tab-strip-top .x-gray-tab .x-tab-left,
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