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  1. Sounds like a plan.

    I'm using ExtJS 3.3.1, indicated by the following header.

    * Ext JS Library 3.3.1
    * Copyright(c) 2006-2010 Sencha Inc.
  2. I did. :) See post #3.

    No matter, the real problem is, I cannot toggle between grouped headers and ungrouped headers. Clearing the groups works like a charm and futher sorting isn't a problem....
  3. Indeed. We'll, I can always jerryrig the function but still, calculating the with function ("doHidden()") doesn't work. This is because it tries to get grid.getGroups() when there aren't any. Is this...
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    My point exactly. If you just want to edit only ONE column on each row, EditorGridPanel is still the best way to roll. :)
  5. That's the weird thing. Before I try the "groupBy()" function, I console log the state of the "isGrouped()" function, which is clearly false. It still continues on.


    From the Firebug...
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    If you are not using an EditorGridPanel, which I would advise doing since all editing is reversed (all can be edited, just supply a "editor:" with each column). Otherwise, just create a listener on...
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    Make sure that the portion where the icon should be, is indeed classified with the class "icon-magnifier". Perhaps Ext converts it to x-search-icon-magnifier. Not sure. You'd have to check that out...
  8. Hey guys,

    I'm trying to toggle the grouping on a grid of mine, which, by all standards works fine.

    I'm using this little piece of code to toggle it all.

    if (summary.isGrouped()) {
  9. Alright, I've modified my script so that it uses the CardLayout, which works fine. Now the problem STILL remains, the TabPanel's deferredRender functions doesn't do anything for me.

    I dynamically...
  10. Sounds something I should look into... Could you give a simple example of implementation?
  11. I was only aware of the rules from 1969. Then again, smoking pod all day isn't a good thing. :P

    The reason I do this, is every time a panel will be replaced with another. I've got like 5 grids...
  12. Hey guys,

    Sorry to keep bumping my topic, but after a couple of days of development I've bumped into another problem. I'm dynamically adding panels to the center region and so eventually also a...
  13. Oh shoot, I missed this topic. I couldn't sworn that this didn't work, but it does!


  14. Hey guys,

    I'm developing a kind of accountant system for my dad and my own company but I'm a little stuck right now. I am using a TreePanel as a menu and thus on 'dblclick', I want to change the...
  15. Gonna try that out! I already though the option wasn't available to me just yet... Ah well, perhaps this will work! I hate to load like 10 scripts if I don't need them (eg: syntax highlighting,...
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    I think you could use as well.
  17. Hi guys,

    I've successfully injected my elements in the head using and getting the head object. Now comes the trouble.
    Firefox works fine, but all Webkit based browsers refuse to execute...
  18. +1... Missing this in ExtJS. I tried stuff with relayEvent and custom handeling but it just isn't the same!
  19. Aside from the very helpful response I got from crazyEnigma, the others are total bs. Please, if you don't have something on-topic to say, don't. I am simply asking for help and it feels like I am...
  20. Of course, that would be an easy way out, but doesn't ExtJS support any method of creating elements dynamicly and adding styles and events? I'd hate to believe I have to append the inner html of an...
  21. I'm sorry, the first link you've provided was the first one I've read before beginning with the actual coding. Should've mentioned that.

    Anyway, you're kinda loosing me with the second portion of...
  22. Hi guys!

    The title might give it away, but I am just getting to know ExtJS. I've been a experienced Mootools developer for about 1,5 year now and I see more potentional in ExtJS. Dont get me...
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