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    come on! Somebody must know the answer to this!
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    double ping?
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    ping! anybody?
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    I am stumped!

    There is a case where the client needs to delete a cookie that the server has set. In JQUERY I do this:

    $.cookie('cookiename', null)
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    can somebody provide an example of how to use the Native API via Sencha Architect 2. The documentation says to add Ext.require(blah, blah) but the place where it asks you to put it (right...
  7. Can somebody shed some light on the runtime differences between a controller action and a view event. Examples of when to use one over the other are welcome. Mainly what I am interested in, is how...
  8. Mitchell,

    thanks for being so prompt and thanks for the explanation on painted and erased (I get it). Now let's reiterate:

    "Besides the extra hide call, I don't see anything that isn't...
  9. what about the rest?

    Also if i try to provide event handlers for painted and erased on those views, those events never fire at all.
  10. Mitchell,

    I think we are missing the point.

    On my second point where I tap to see the contact detail, why is the hide firing for a view that has never been shown?

  11. To demonstrate the point, I am using the navigation view example provided here:

    The only code I added is event...
  12. ok i get that. Now if I switch the order of the collection items to have the one I want to load with appear last in the collection, it loads, but with a back button which means the stack contains...
  13. I have a simple navigation view with two 'child' views defined as such:

    Ext.define('TestApp.view.TestNavView', {
    extend : 'Ext.NavigationView',
    xtype : 'testNavView',

  14. First of all this 'sortof' has to do with this:

    I have my own proxy which looks like this:

  15. just tried Beta 1, same behavior. Here is what my store looks like:

    Ext.define('', {
    extend : '',
    config : {
    model :...
  16. Anybody?
  17. I have this controller:

    extend : '',
  18. Ok I tried todays build (2/1/2012) and I know see a spinner while the list is loading (which I did not see with PR4) but I still get an error when trying to invoke the callback function. I also...
  19. I will try to run this in a bit but where can I get sencha touch 2 bleeding edge (from SVN or git for example?) so I can see if there are any fixes that apply? Is that possible?
  20. I posted this a couple of days ago in the QA section but got nothing else other than 'should work, will take a look'. This is code that worked in PR3 and do not see it included in breaking changes.
  21. Something is fishy here. There seems to be a change in behavior. The following code worked in PR3:

    callback : this.onLoadComplete,
    scope : this
  22. /:)there must be something I am doing wrong? Anybody out there who can help me? Do I need to post more code to provide a more complete picture?
  23. thanks for the quick response. If I remove, there is no change in behavior. I never see:

    console.log('store synced');

    and I never see the console.log() from the...
  24. I have a button (on a form.Panel) with the follow tap handler:

    var thisController = this;
    var store =...
  25. I have successfully bound a record from my model to a form to get autopopulation of fields etc. Some of the fields from the model are arrays. How do I build the form UI to accommodate that? I can...
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