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  1. Open the developer console in IE9 (F12) and switch to the network tab. See if anything is hanging, and troubleshoot from there.
  2. Post (Ajax) the credentials to an auth page, and return the results (true/false). Let the auth page do the AD authentication.
  3. Of course.
    Change the CSS for the toolbar (you will need to modify background-image and background-color most likely).

    Use Firefox/Firebug to highlight the object in the console and modify the...

    How to get additional data sent back with store load?
    Use reader's jsonData.
    params: {
    foo: 'bar',
    start: 0,
  5. No one has any thoughts?
  6. Have you tried using grid.getColumnModel().setColumnHeader( idx,val ) ?
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    My first recommendation is to not name an object the same as a major component type (don't call a Ext.form.FormPanel "form")

    form.form.load isn't a valid function; form.getForm().load should be...
  8. Without more information (and code), it would be extremely difficult to advise you on what you need to do.

    You could:
    - set a beforeclick listener on the treePanel to remove/destroy components in...
  9. Attached screen cap from firebug.
  10. Application:
    ExtJS 3.4.0

    I have an application that has several dynamicly-created grids, all configured similarly. They can each be altered to suit the user's needs. When updating a grid (show...
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    It appears from the OP, that 'hurray' isn't being populated into the combo box, which could be done with Ext.getCmp('tlCustomerName').setValue('hurray').

    However, since we don't see the data being...
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    Check the setting for Ext.BLANK_IMAGE_URL = "" (if not set, it is going out to over HTTP)
  13. You can't use Javascript/ExtJS to send a PHP array to a PHP processor, but you can process the $_POST array programmatically.

    However, doing that is a discussion for a different forum.
  14. Then you've got several options to choose from:
    1. Ext.override( Ext.form.FormPanel, submit: ... ) to submit a single JSON object, instead of an array of key/val pairs
    2. Ext.extend(...
  15. Don't use the form.submit() method to "submit". Use Ext.Ajax.request(). That will prevent the double submission.
  16. It's a simple example of an Ext.Ajax.request() submitting to a PHP page and processing the JSON response.

    If you were after something specific, you need to be more specific about your request.
  17. grid.getSelectionModel().getSelected().get('rating')
  18. At a quick glance, where is 'plaque' being set in the _POST?

    I mean, shouldn't you be setting gridForm.getForm().params to include the form value you want to pass?
    Also, how do you plan to submit...
  19. I would suggest that somewhere, the process that is creating the JSON is "doing the math" on your variable. Is it returning 24 instead of 24-1, or is it returning 23? Check how you're creating the...
  20. Buttons use background images/sprites for the border edges.
    There are probably some base classes for button text. Firebug/Firefox can help you find them quickly.
  21. If you want it to look just like that, you are going to have to write your own CSS rules or a whole theme (and there are tutorials/tips on theme writing in the forums/blogs).

    ps. nice layout.
  22. You can't use the PHP page to redirect, but you could pass the URL from it.

    from extjs form

    ,success: function(f,a) {
    document.location = a.result.url ;
  23. disableCaching
  24. The best way to learn about ExtJS and CSS is to use Firefox and Firebug. Using Firebug, you can examine the component to see which css rules apply to it and modify them accordingly (you can even do...
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    If you are going to reference the id of the object, you would need to use Ext.getCmp('ladderDesc').setValue().

    Otherwise, you would actually use 'ladderArea.setValue()'
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