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    A slight aside but I keep thinking that Sencha have stretched themselves with too many applications.
    There is Architect, the "eclipse" plugin, sencha cmd, etc etc.
    Things were better before all of...
  2. Actually I found one other issue that is fixed in 5.1,does not work in 5.0
    The column does not highlight when the stateId is set.

    Therefore I have added the highlighted section below in case...
  3. You are fast!
    Thanks Bob, this override fixes all of the issues that I have found.

    The override fixes the issue and I have tested it against the fiddle enclosed.
    Please mark as...
  4. Sorry wrong language!
    When the grid state has been stored across sessions (using stateful: true and stateId)
    For example you try my example and set the filter on the Phase 1 column to Yes, refresh...
  5. Thanks Bob.
    I also note that a similar kind of issue happens when the grid settings have been persisted. Do you know if your workaround fixes this also?
  6. Thanks Gary
    Is there anywhere I can see updates on the bugs?

  7. Hi

    I have a grid with boolean columns on
    see fiddle

    As you can see from columns Phase 1 and Phase 2, if the filter menu item is set to "active" without...
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    Actually I just noticed the "problem".
    I notice that an additional field has been added to each record for the IssuerDetails - which is the object from the JSON.

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    I am sure I am missing something here but I am parsing some json and ONE field never gets parsed into the record.

    the field "caTypeDescription" is always empty as can be seen from an example...
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    Hello - Earth calling highly paid US contractor - maybe not everyone in the world is on a six $ figure contract . What if someone is paying me a fixed price for something where I realise Ext would...
  11. Answered my own question...
    Use store.loadRawData() with the response from the call to the form.
  12. Hi

    Can anyone give me an idea of how I may achieve the following?

    I have an application whereby I need to upload a csv file with data (posted from a form of course) and then this is enriched on...
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    Dumb question but if you have two date objects already (today and the dtInvoiceDate), why are you not comparing these?
    if (me.dtInvoiceDate.getValue() > today)
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    So from the comment on the FAQ, am I to understand that EXTJS is only suitable for enterprise solutions and as such small developers should look for another platform.

    Much of this type of...
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    If the scroll bar in a combo box is selected, then the scrolling area of the combo is hidden.

    Steps to reproduce
    1. hit the expander to select a value...
  16. This seems to help - it seems that as a selection is made, it attempts to scroll the record into view. looking at the way this is used by the checkbox, the scroll is prevented.

    Using this...
  17. Hi

    I have created the following fiddle for this

    From extjs 5.0.1, using selectAll() on the selection model only seems to select some of the rows
  18. Is this all of your code? Are you using charts anywhere?
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    I have built a sencha workspace with one app and a package as I would like to customize some of the SCCS.

    I created the package with cmd, basing it on crisp.
    When I put the new theme in...
  20. Any feedback on this? I was looking to purchase Complete specifically for the plugin, but I am concerned if this will restrict the use of it because most of the major components (Eclipse and, from...
  21. Thanks for that.
    I noticed that the old page had much more information about sharing code and reducing the size of the code per app, so I was looking to see if this had been omitted or if it were...
  22. Hi

    Until now I have developed several single page apps, mainly crafted by hand. I am aware however that I should be using sencha cmd to allow different environment builds plus "trim down" the...
  23. uninstalled - reinstalled and now it works...
  24. Hi
    I just downloaded Sencha cmd. I have followed all of the instructions for downloading the pre-requisites.

    When I try to generate an app, it tells me

    Sencha Cmd v5.0.1.231
    [ERR] Cannot...
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    Thanks for z-index hint.
    Worked great for me without need to change DOCTYPE.
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