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    Great plugin! Love ExtJs!!!

    One question though, is it possible to lazy load this component? I ask because im trying to apply rowactions to a grid that is loaded via the remote component plug-in.....
  2. hmmm... so there isn't any quick fix? :s I would have a look at the code that does the animation bit but I'm not good enough yet! :)
  3. Even with this basic code the issue is present:

    new Ext.Viewport({
    layout: 'border',
    items: [{
    region: 'center',
    layout: 'fit',
    title: 'Center'
  4. TBH i only had a quick look through before asking another question! Sorry about that!

    After reading through in more depth i have come up with the following, but it still doesn't solve the issue...
  5. Ok, If i don't extend the panel component i can't make use of 'afterrender' to initiate the ajax menu load?

    Is it possible to apply the afterrender even to the standard panel? I can only see...
  6. Still does the same thing even when creating the viewport directly.

    Ext.ux.SWSDKmenu = Ext.extend(Ext.Panel, {
    region : 'west',
    layout : 'accordion',
    cls : 'x-swsdk-menu',
    id :...
  7. Ahh, so instead of extending a viewport (wich yes, i agree is an overkill) just go for the standard load of the viewport in the dom ready function?

    I will try that now to see if it fixes it :)
  8. Can i ask what you mean? What is the better way to do it?

    Thanks for your help :D
  9. Hi Guys,

    I have been looking for a fix for this issue for a day or so but can't seem to find anything that fixes the problem.

    I have an accordion panel inside a viewport and is used as the...
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    Is it possible to load in an external javascript file when doing an update?

    I am trying to cut down the amount of code used by my app by loading code dynamically. I am using an updater to load a...
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    How do you stop an updaters load indicator from showing? I am trying to load stuff behind a mask so I don't need it..

    Everything I try doesn't work. Please help!

    I have this inside a form...
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    hmm. Need more help.

    I have managed to get my login box to load dynamically which is cool. But once the user logs in I am having to use Ext.get("mainContent").load() to clear the page and load in...
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    :D Exactly what i needed! Thanks!

    Also, is it possible to do 'load scripts' with this plugin? So I can load the dynamic app and extra js for it?
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    Cheers, for the reply.

    I am mainly interesting in loading the layout dynamically. I know about the masking..
    Is there any docs or examples anywhere or a layout or app that is created on the...
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    Sorry if this is a stupid question but;

    Is it possible for ext to load layouts on the fly?

    For example, say I had a page where there is a Login box. The only data on this page relates to the...
  16. Can some one please tell me if there is a way to access an element using it's name instead of id.. ie. name version of getCmp?

    I really need to access the textfield but as soon as i add an id to...
  17. Well, found out it happens when setting the text field's id... i thought you could set the id?
  18. hmm seems to work fine in firefox and not IE7..:-?
  19. Can any one let me know what i am doing wrong here? It works fine up until the point that I hide the window and try to show it again.. everything but the textfields show.. Why would only the...
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    Oh, I have to be a premium member to access the SVN... hmm... but i don't want to become a premium member until i know this thing works how i need it to :( Any way around this?
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    cool, i will check that out and see if it makes it work... if i use the new files should my code work alright? I want to make sure I am going about opening the window thew right way
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    I have been experimenting with AIR and Ext and just wanted to throw together a quick bit of code to try and get the Ext window chrome working in air, just like the blog.

    All I am doing is...
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