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    Ext JS 6 Triton Theme already uses Font Awesome that is one of the most complete font icons collections.

    For other themes:

    add link to css (FontAwesome or other) to app.json
    copy font files...
  2. I use single quotes in Ext and double quotes in PHP but it doesn't matter. It's just a convention.
  3. Yes, it behaves as you describe. Although I can understand the rationale, mainly in the light of the fact that other resources are addressed relative to the css that refers to them, it's unlucky for...
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    Hmmm, isLoading is defined on ProxyStore. Normal Store inherits from ProxyStore so it should be ok to use on any store....
  5. FWIW, this example contains override that bypasses the validity check on form fields while publishing their values.
  6. Sounds strange because resources are copied w/o changes from development to production. See the Network tab in developer tools what is the actual address from which Ext tries to load the favicon. It...
  7. See in the network tab if the app is trying to load checkbox images. The images should be loaded without 404 error.
  8. Have you built your app? Triton uses font icons, other themes use images. Images are copied to the destination only after sencha app build.Another reason could be that you use your custom theme that...
  9. Well yes, but I wouldn't do it. You could run the other application in an iframe. However, if you mean to communicate between the applications then it calls for a redesign to have one application...
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    Not really. If you want to study the code, it is free. If you want to take the code and include it in your project, then it is paid.
  11. Try to run it from build/examples/classic/window/window.html - there is still triton not found but the example works.
  12. And what if you use getters instead of accessing properties directly? Instead of this._something try this.getSomething().
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    Please make sure that the value you are trying to set on date field is included in altFormats.
  14. The first thing I'd verify would be if the record in question already exists in the parent session. If yes, it should not be requested from the server.
  15. It would be better to open another thread for this second problem. I see login dialog, and error connection to the server. What the problem?
  16. Thanks.

    You SHALL run into problems for sure. But it is what's life all about, isn't it?
  17. It is necessary to provide information on how you configured it so that you got scrollbars. "fiddle" means that the best is to make a showcase at
  18. You can configure if you want POST or GET or you can use Rest proxy that uses PUT for updates and POST for creates. See the docs, there's no need to go down to the raw ajax request unless you do...
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    foo must be object for prototype chain to work.
  20. You have it mixed up. reference must be set on many side so Item must have an orderId and that must have reference set to order. Then, in JSON you must have member "items" in order record. See also...
  21. Yes, if the record is in a store then store.sync(). If not then
  22. You have no associations defined between Order and Items. See this article in docs:
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    Nothing. You need a little trick. See
  24. First of all, I wouldn't load record to form, I would directly bind form fields to record fields. It's much less work and it is very straightforward. Then, I'd create a formula that calculates...
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    Well, the example I've posted the link to is all about showing text instead of id in the grid for foreign keys. That solution might not be suitable in your case but for me it works reliably in really...
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