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  1. same question
  2. I'm probably very tired AND blind lol
  3. Since the time i'm browsing this website, the answer is NO. Thanks a lot. Not possible to take the good way without it ..
  4. All the day. But it's not the purpose ;)
  5. Does an expert should show me how to make this really simple thing (just to help me to understand how it's working).

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    I can't use your extension cause it depend of something i don't know and i don't want. Do you have a pure extjs implementation ?

    I don't understand why where is not only 100% pure extjs...
  7. Sorry i'm too in hurry and loose 3 days on this bug. Don't have time to make a sample test case and fill a perfect bug report.

    In some case, when applying a template to a component on safari embed...
  8. Hi jsakalos. I'm using your extension on an app launched by titanium (which embed safari browser).

    Got a strange error, which doesn't occur on firefox.

    After debugging, i found that it's...
  9. I was just writing a little extension to display a combo with "yes" and "no" inside, having different color for "yes" and "no" and i'm now fighting with a bug i don't really understand.

  10. Here is my crapy hack. It's working on my side, but i think it's really a poor hack. It's using beforechange/change event of the PagingToolbar.

    Notice i've used Ext.ux.clone because store...
  11. Same here. I'm working right now on it, trying to play with the "beforechange" event in the pagging toolbar (remote store) config option to try to fetch filters from the row filter plugin and inject...
  12. Hi, i don't see any changes on google svn regarding ext > 3.1.1 compatibility.

    Should be great if you can provide it asap (i'm stucked with 3.2.0) with a story of card show event or perhaps...
  13. already existing finally :)
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    Take a look at

    Who want to do a realtime extjs chat ? :)
  15. I'll try to reverse the code, but the result should be something like

    or perhaps there is already something in extjs to do that in the same...
  16. i succeed to do that using Titanium (appcelerator)
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    trying to find something to be able to right now , but not very optimist to find a dirty hack in 5mn
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    Got some posters of real people on top of my screen, just to remember i'm a human (mmm , is it really true ?)

    And well, i need to buy a waterproof laptop cause it's raining cats and dogs here :D
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    Sunday morning, 10 o'clock. Working on a extjs file manager. Server side it's linux. The directory can be mounted on windows using webdav or is already a cifs/webdavfs mounted volume.

    Zip a folder...
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    hahaha :)

    happy to see i'm not alone lol

    i promise i'll take a pause


    but before i need to finish some apps
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    client side memory only
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    Yep. It's the weekend. And then ?

    3 years of work using extjs and php webservices. I'm making apps, backoffice ... I can't stop working, i eat extjs, i dream extjs, i'm making love with my wife...
  23. that's what i was saying : i'm blind :)

  24. Perhaps i'm becoming blind or i'm very tired but i can not retrive the advanced search into vbulletin extjs forum.

    I was using it 20 times a day (search in titles only), now i can only search...
  25. I made that ...

    setHeadersVisible : function(visible){
    var display='none';
    if (visible) display='block';
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