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  1. Ok. I got it solved.

    Everytime i select an option in the combo, i create a new node and add it as the Root node to the tree and then call expandAll() on the TreePanel.

    var newRoot = new...
  2. I had a combo and TreePanel. When i select item in combo, based on selected value i am loading the TreePanel RootNode. But the problem is that the sub nodes are not expanding by default.

    Here is...
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    Please see my previous reply. I set the TabPanel height to 250px.

    And i removed autoHeight = true from ColumnTree Panel and now it is working fine.

    Thanks for the "hint" you provided...
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    Condor, sorry for late reply.

    Apart from code i posted before, this is how i added the column tree to the TabPanel.

    EdtLinkbasesTabsPanel = function(){

    var treeUI = new...
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    I have a ColumnTreePanel inside a TabPanel as one of the item. I want to avoid displaying the contextmenu when i right click in the container(i.e outside the ColumnTreePanel). For this i use the...
  6. In my application, cancel means hide or close the Window that contains the FormPanel.
  7. This is the code that worked for me, maybe helpful to someone.

    Within the FormPanel
    this.formPanel.on('render', function() {
    var foc =...
  8. As per my requirement, sometimes i need to open the TreePanels in read-only mode.
    So, i made enableDD = false based on some condition to make it readonly.
  9. I am trying to capture ENTER and ESC keys in FormPanel to Submit / Cancel the form.
    'ESC' is working fine, but when i click on 'ENTER' button, the browser is refreshing instead invoking the method...
  10. Hi,

    I want to make the TreePanel and ColumnTreePanel components read only.

    Can anyone tell me how to do this?

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    I want to set default value for a combo, i seen some of the posts but the code is not working.The combo is in the toolbar as an item.

    Here is my code

    this.tbar1 = new Ext.Toolbar({...
  12. I too facing the same problem.

    Any solution for this?
  13. Thanks, Condor.

    Now, i have 2 column ColumnTree and i will change the value of 2nd column, fire an ajax.request to update the data in backend. I now that 'updateNode' in ColumnNodeUI.js will...
  14. No, Ext.tree.ColumnNodeUI is correct.

    I added two things :
    defaultUI: 'Ext.tree.ColumnNodeUI' to the object.

    tree.on('beforenodedrop', function(e){
    var n = e.dropNode; // node that was...
  15. I am working with the Ext.tree.ColumnTree custom component. It is rendering properly.
    But when i drag a node from another tree and drop it on the column tree, it is throwing following error.
  16. I am getting the same error and couldn't solve it.

    Can you please post your code?
  17. The code i posted works perfectly.
    The problem is that i created the same object at two places.
  18. Thanks condor, example helped a lot.
  19. Hi,

    I am having 2 trees and from one tree need to drag the node to another tree.
    Working fine but the node is removed from the 1st tree which i won't to avoid.

    I added below code but not...
  20. Hi,

    I am working on a simple PropertyGrid. If i set the source config property at design time, it is displaying properly. But when i tried setting the source data dynamically, it is not displaying...
  21. Does anyone has a solution for this issue?
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    The TreePanel and contextmenu is displaying fine. But when i open the contextmenu and click on 'delete' button(one of the menu item), i am getting the selected node id. But first time it is giving...
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    Condor, Thanks for your reply.

    I added the function in the ext-all.js file and it is working fine.
  24. Hi,

    I am working on a simple PropertyGrid. If i set the source config property at design time, it is displaying properly. But when i tried setting the source data dynamically, it is not displaying...
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    Condor, thanks for your prompt reply.

    But, as a learner of ExtJS, i don't know where to place the code provided by you.

    I copy the code in the same file and tested, but not working.

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