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  1. Hi dear sencha developers.
    I have a question about best approach when using lists in a sencha touch 2 app.
    I'm following the MVC architecture pattern but now I have a small issue about using a list...
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    I'm sorry but I was wondering where did you get the node.set() method, because honestly I cannot find it in NodeInterface definition inside Extjs 4.2.0 API docs, also I tried your method and it...
  3. 42377hi, I'm trying to build a panel inside a tabpanel container with fixed dimensions, I want that panel floating over its parent container, that's the effect I'm trying to achieve, but, when I try...
  4. I have a jsonp proxy that retrieve records from another domain, somehow the grid is not adding the records I get. I tested using a the respond I get from the domain locally and the grid works...
  5. Fixed using Ext.create('')
  6. I have a small issue that is not allowing me to get a store using the magic method this.getXXStore() using MVC architecture.
    The store is '' and when I try...
  7. you mean in double click action ??
  8. Please post some code to see the what's going on... maybe you are missing something.
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    Heres is a better example how it has to be setup:
    1) You can add this code to your index.html(php)(jsp)(whatever)... as javascript code, that way you will enable Ext loader, but remember also the...
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    Remember you can also load all files dynamically using Ext.loader:

    enabled: true,
    'Ext.ux':'<?php echo Yii::app()->request->baseUrl;...
  11. This is the solutions to the problem. Made by me!, no one could help... so, here it is.:((:((:((

    this.columns = [
    {header: 'Estado', dataIndex:'icon', renderer:this.renderIcon,...
  12. Hello, I'm trying to show an icon depending on the value, if the value is undefined then it won't show the icon, when is 1 it will show an icon with a handler that supports click event, and when the...
  13. Can anybody help me on this please ?? its urgent...
  14. I think you should first start over here -> Yo creo que deberias comenzar por aca:

    Recuerda algo, primeramente no deberias...
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    Here is a very basic and small filter, I hope you can use it and learn how to do more complex filters.

    var panel...
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    This post also should be marked as "Best Answer"...
  17. I think you should check your backend application and system logs too, I always manage exceptions in the backend and only connection exceptions in the front end, so, double check your application and...
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    Don't forget to mark this answer as "Best Answer", that way you will help improve the forum.
  19. You should mark the last answer as "Best Answer" and close this post. ;)
  20. Can anybody give me a tip or a hand on this ?? thanks...
  21. That was a Typo, sorry, What I'm trying to say is that when it first loads it renders correctly because I'm passing the function renderer in the columns definition, what I'm try to do is to get the...
  22. Hello, I'm having some difficulties trying to update a column value inside a grid, when its rendered it loads an icon into the grid:

    this.columns = [
    {header: 'Estado',...
  23. Is it possible to use it with extjs 4.1 ??? Is the posted code tested with it ??
  24. Without any doubt, the extjs 4 framework works exactly as it was done, in large applications as mine sometimes is very hard to keep track on events, and well, it was my bad, I was doing the code...
  25. No it doesn't affect the menu at all, it keeps adding the old and new items into the container, I was trying to do something like menu.items = [] but it returns an error...
    cannot call slice in...
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